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For Edward Snowden…

… send a message to President Obama!

As State power increases around the world, more and more citizens are going to stand up and say “No more! This far, but no more! I’m not going to be part of this shit any longer!”

We can each do a little bit to help the Bradley Mannings and Edward Snowdens who are making a stand on our behalf!


edward snowden (1)


edward snowden (2)


Join the global movement – help put pressure on President Obama to do the right thing with Edward Snowden.

Sign the petition


> Click here <

Note to GCSB, SIS, NSA, and any other “intelligence security” agency reading this,

  1. This is not a “terrorist” blogsite
  2. Be a good chap and sign the petition for Edward Snowden
  3. When will you join Bradley and Edward and become a whistleblower? Join the people. It’s time to reclaim our privacy and roll back the Surveillance State!



= fs =

  1. Theodore
    15 June 2013 at 12:21 am


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