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David Farrar – Challenging Slater for Sultan of Sleaze?

On Kiwiblog, on 4 June, David Farrar posted this curious item,


Kiwiblog - A Question - Simon Lusk - Martyn Bradbury - David Farrar

Acknowledgment – Kiwiblog – A Question


In effect, Kiwiblogger, David Farrar – a known contractor, supporter, and apparatchik for the  National Party – accused prominent progressive blogger, Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury of a “shocking breach of ethics” by allegedly not disclosing being on the  “parliamentary payroll for the last 18 months to two years as a parliamentary communications advisor to a political party“.

More on problems with Mr Farrar’s own disclosures here:  Continuous disclosure

Is it true?!   Did Bradbury hide his links to the Mana Party?

Hardly. As Martyn’s own disclosure on The Daily Blog quite clearly states,

“He has appeared at numerous political and union functions over the last few years. He is a political consultant to organisations of the left and centre-left and argued for the creation of the MANA Party as a party to the Left of the Greens as a means for the Left to win back Parliament. Mr Bradbury also hosts the current affairs show ‘Citizen A’ on Face TV and was Editor in Residence at the Wintec School of Journalism. “

Acknowledgment – The Daily Blog – About Martyn Bradbury

So as a ‘Shock! Horror! Probe!’ story – it’s pretty much a non-story.  Anyone with two inter-connecting neuron-cells could’ve found  this info with  three mouse-clicks. (Has Farrar investigated whether David Shearer is a member of the Labour Party? That’d be a real revelation!!)

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is precisely where Farrar sourced his info from; Martyn’s own disclosure at The Daily Blog.

So, if it’s no secret, what was Farrar’s agenda in all this?

Slow news/blog night?


Or… was it a little more devious?

Let’s look behind this event…

Arch right-wing ‘shaker and mover’, Simon Lusk has been in the media lately, with his bizarre plans to move New Zealand politics to the right; capture and politicise  the civil service; “dominate” the media and blogosphere; seeking donations from American neo-conservatives;  and to increase his power-base in the National Party;


National turns on hard right advisor

Acknowledgment – NZ Herald – National turns on hard right advisor


Seriously happy to upset the status quo

Acknowledgment – Fairfax Media – Seriously happy to upset the status quo


PM responds to secret plans to push the Nats to the right

Acknowledgment – NBR – PM responds to secret plans to push the Nats to the right


So it’s fairly clear – there’s one helluva sh*t-storm going on behind the scenes in the National Party.

Recent headlines  at major blogs such as The Daily Blog, The Standard, and elsewhere,  have also focused on  Lusk and his machinations,

Breaking News: Dark plot about to be exposed within National Party

Lusk & Slater: Dirty Deeds Done Poorly

Will the mainstream media continue to use Cameron Slater as a commentator now he’s been exposed?

What the left can learn from Lusk

Many of the critiques were penned by Martyn Bradbury.

Was  Farrar’s   blogpost on   Martyn a random event?  Or is there a more sinister aspect to this story – especially as Farrar’s blogpost was  backed up by Cameron Slater on the same day – 4 June (see slimy Whalesoil blogpost:  Paid Blogger outed, It’s Martyn Bradbury).

The answer, I submit to the reader, can be found here;


Acknowledgment – Fairfax Media – Anti-MMP plan leaked


Lusk. Jordan. Farrar. Cameron Slater. A cabal of four known right-wingers, who are deeply connected with each other, socially and  politically.

And just to drive home the connection;.

Simon Lusk - David Farrar - Cameron Slater

Acknowledgment – Selection Training Weekend – Dates: Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th of january


The above screen-cap was taken from a document outlining a “training session” from one of Lusk’s private “training camps” for wannabe National Party candidates. (More on those “training camps here:  National turns on hard right advisor)

Those are the the links.

It’s obvious to all that this has been a particularly nasty vendetta against Martyn by a small clique of rabid right-wing activists.

Martyn’s “crime”?

Being highly successful at being one of the best centre-left bloggers in this country and critic of the right wing agenda.

When the Right target you in such a deceptive, spiteful manner, it proves just how effective you are.  And how desperate the Right are becoming as the centre-left gains ascendency.

Well done, Martyn.

Carry on.





Fairfax Media:  Anti-MMP plan leaked (29 May 2011)

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  1. samwise
    10 June 2013 at 1:38 pm

    Excellent investigative journalis, Frank. It’s a scndal that the msm never digs behind the right wing headlines to show us what’s really going on. Thank God for bloggers is all I’ll say.

  2. 11 June 2013 at 4:28 pm

    Keep going Farrar. The shit will stick to you every time you fling it.

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