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Judith Collins and the Bain of her ministerial career…


Bain compensation decision months away



It must be true; David Bain has an enemy in the current National Cabinet. Someone (Collins?) has taken it upon her (his) self to ride roughshod over the Privy Council, the re-trial, and retired Canadian judge Ian Binnie, to come to their own conclusions.

If anyone ever wondered what it would be like to have political control of our judicial system – this is pretty damned close to it.

“Justice” Minister Judith Collins is quite openly holding up David Bain’s claim for compensation for wrongful imprisonment.

After publicly trashing retired Canadian judge Ian Binnie’s Report into the matter – along with his reputation – Collins sought a “peer-review” from Robert Fisher, QC.

Fisher duly rubbished Binnie’s report and recommendation for compensation as “flawed” (see:  Bain compo recommended but Binnie report ‘flawed‘). In turn, Fisher’s “peer review” was rubbished – evidently he hadn’t read up on the Bain case!

Months have passed, it appears that Collins is stonewalling. Evidently, a final decision is yet more “months away”.

Now there is talk of Collins requesting another “independent” review.

Well, I hope she’s not going to be looking overseas. After National’s crass, insulting behaviour over Justice Binnie, I doubt any other Jurist would take up an offer from this current National government.

Instead there is talk of an “independent panel”.

Oh, really? How independent? Not too independent, I think – Commissar Collins might not like it.

And if an Independent Panel came to the same conclusion as Justice Binnie – what then? Best of five – two more “independent reviews”!?

If an independent panel deliverers the “wrong” result, perhaps Collins could ramp up the decision-making process. Perhaps a nationwide referendum? We could poll all 4.4 million New Zealanders whether or not to pay Bain?

If we go down the referendum road, it should be a low-cost affair. After all, the Nats are struggling to balance the books and are practically taking money from schoolboys and girls doing paper rounds. So a referendum should be done on the cheap.

Maybe via electronic means?


Imagine deciding a human being’s fate – by just a click –  *Like* or *Don’t Like*.

The Village Mob, 21st century-style.




Thank the gods for progress.

[Note to National: This blogpost was mainly satirical and suggestions to use Facebook, or any other electronic means, to determine whether or not Bain should be compensated were an exercise in satire. My suggestion is, quite simply; stop farting about and PAY the man!]





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  1. samwise
    31 January 2013 at 2:55 pm

    How many more reports does Collins want? Six? A dozen? A round hundred?

    This is not a responsible, level-headed government. This is an ongoing witch hunt. This shows another nasty side to this government.

  2. 19 March 2013 at 3:02 pm

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    ..” vinyl blinds seriously enables myself ponder a small bit further.
    I cherished every single component of it. Thanks
    a lot ,Lloyd

  3. 26 July 2013 at 11:01 pm

    Apparently NZ police are special and are not capable of making even errors where she is concerned. And she has also had the gall to actually publicize that it all comes down to money… WTF? Just because his suggestion is that they pay compensation because of the police’s ineptitude.

    So what?! So what if he said they’re inept… I am a little shocked that she thinks they were not! Does that bode well for any other bugger being investigated or tried in this fashion…someone needs to get real. Isn’t it actually necessary to get onto these guys ASAP? They’ve had 13 years to be inept… up 13 years worth of other investigations and heck knows how many of those have been false conviction or false accusations resulting in acquittal going by the recent publicity and Justice Binnies report. Everything this guy says is plausible and I totally admire him for telling it like it is. Such a great and intelligent guy and she trashes him? Not to mention the Privy Council must be super perplexed that this case took so long to be put to them. What planet is she on?

    Excuse me for stating the obvious here, but I think the actual role of the Ministry of Justice is to deal with this kind of stuff when it occurs, not make it nigh on impossible for the wrongly convicted to reverse or get their jumped up convictions quashed.

    I personally don’t believe this woman has actually read any trial notes or appeal papers. I cannot believe she has read the same documents as myself or thinks the way she does with any law qualifications.There can only be a few reasons WHY the government are stalling:

    Too worried about “peers” who should not even be reviewing this case if they do not understand how the law works… ya see it works like this… if evidence doesn’t stick, the person isn’t guilty. Doesn’t matter where you go in the world, courts everywhere are supposed to work like this. If they don’t, the countries are usually non democratic and the absolute pants to live in. Reasons for delay?

    – Possibly half the idiots dealing and who still bang on about Bain being guilty, keep re hashing the same junk evidence that has been disputed time and time again by three other reliable processes now (and every person dealing sounds plausible, fair and honest at that), because they never read anything from the 1995 trial and are complete ass hats – she confers with them and hasn’t read the reports or notes either so they are all in Ground Hog day mode every time someone appeals. F knows.

    – I can only think she is just plain stooopid. As in, read them but just didn’t understand anything in them. What other explanation could there possibly be? If you have read all these appeals and notes back to front, you are all on the same page, and know most evidence in 1995 has been rubbished. (Obviously…he’s not in prison anymore… makes me wonder if she thinks he’s guilty, but thinks denying compensation will help keep us all safe in our beds at night or something).

    – Related in some way to the Bains. Heck know’s… it has crossed my mind ya know. I can’t think why else someone would have such a problem with someone they “don’t” know.

    – Has real problems accepting that he deserves to be treated respectfully since his acquittal or understanding the fact that he did not bring himself into the public arena voluntarily and has had to live with the reputation since 1994 – she knows this and knows that he must have suffered a great deal of anguish as well as the PTSD, but does not acknowledge that the public internet lynching he receives from ignoramus online at the moment is all her fault as she is delaying a pardon and compensation which would put paid to anyone dragging his name through the mud thereafter.

    I’ve read every document since seeing the thumb print and to be honest I am utterly disgusted. Up to now I was simply not aware that appeals processes for wrongly accused took so long or where dragged out like this.

    We have a fully democratic justice system where no government and police cannot intervene and yet we have these idiots in Parliament thinking they are not biased when they are contacted by the Governor General about an appeal, or given a Compensation claim to deal with. HELLO! Obviously you are going to avoid paying him his compensation you nonces…. a few tax payers will whine no doubt, and perhaps someone doesn’t want to lose a few supporters etc. What a joke this system is.

    Not to mention who the heck would want to beg for a Pardon when they have done nothing wrong to being with. These antiquated practices need to change and the appeals, compensation and pardons definitely need to be taken OUT of governments hands. Especially this woman’s hands.

    She is proving to be heavily biased. Not something you would be grateful of as an innocent man which is necessary to deal with these matters.

    That’s saying something for someone who never paid attention to this case, but since seeing the thumb print and thumb marks, seriously thinks trying to get Compensation out of these idiots is probably akin to trying to claim ACC compensation – but ten times worse. Mainly because it is a bunch of incompetents dealing by all accounts.

    Message to Mark Van Der Beyden : Please get the hell out of our courts and quit reporting from them. You are the most insulting man I’ve ever read Suffice to say the jurer’s on the retrial were no doubt insulted by your complete ineptitude or lack of understanding around why they needed to act with humour and make the right decision. Not a decision based on hearsay and junk science from the 1995 trials.

    Y a know… this is precisely how a justice system should work. This guy wings on in one article about one of the jurors falling asleep on the retrial but it is more likely he feel asleep and never spent a waking minute there given the fact he keeps dragging his 30 point list out and waiving it around as if he is the be all and end all where intelligence is concerned

    Clearly these buggers have been asleep for the past 13 years and have cannot have read a single document and that’s precisely why it has taken 13 years to get anywhere, but that is something to be proud of here.

    According to statistics in the UK there are over 8’000 miscarriages of justice every few years… but apparently the NZ justice system and the police are “special” and this does not occur here… should not have their knuckles rapped at all to make sure they get it right next time, not even when yet more new evidence comes to light to show they were suffering from exactly what Justice Binnie stated,”incredible ineptitude.

    Seems to me that rather than reading every document (something that I did very carefully for the cost of nil consideration not $400’000 I may add) is not the done thing and let’s face it… could not have been done by anyone winging or not dealing in a timely manner where compensation is concerned, or in peer reviewing it and opposing his report. 12 months he spent not 12 days.

    I truly believe they should be paying him compensation for the additional stress and dragging out of his case AFTER three legal and sound judicial reviews have been done. One of them actually gets on a plane (god bless him) and actually walks up Every Street to get an idea of how long it takes to walk from the bottom… that is professionalism and thoroughness for you Judith! The only think these poe faced politicians don’t like is that he did the job they did not expect him to do… why else shove the whole case to a Candian judge? I truly think that they received a report they did not expect. It’s buggered them, and this is just the smoke screen.

    I’m beginning to think I live in Disney Land and the Minister of Justice is Cruella De Ville… I’m just wondering when all the dalmatians are gonna turn up.

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