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2013 – More redundancies…




Last year’s talley of redundancies – by  no means complete – which added to the rise in unemployment to 175,000 New Zealanders looking for work;

The year is barely one month old, and reports are starting to come in of redundancies,


Wool spinner to sell Oamaru plant


Listen to more on Checkpoint


This is yet another business that has been affected by the high exchange rate – the same high Dollar that Steven Joyce has resolutely maintained is “not a crisis”,

There is no generic crisis in manufacturing but I would certainly acknowledge it is challenging for some companies.”

See: Currency intervention a fool’s paradise, says Joyce

Strange – I would have thought that the loss of 40,000 manufacturing jobs in the last four years would qualify as a crisis?

And why is it, I wonder, that National is willing and happy to throw $65 million (of our taxes)  at Warner Bros (a multi-billion dollar overseas company), as a subsidy, to “create” 3,000 jobs,

I’m proud our Government took action to make sure The Hobbit films were made here. They created 3000 jobs and poured millions of dollars into our regions.”

See:  National – Celebrating The Hobbit

If my ‘take’ on this is correct,

  • 3,000 jobs ‘created’ – good
  • 40,000 jobs lost – meh!

And ironically, Key’s claims of 3,000 “new jobs” created may not even be correct! (see:  Key denies Hobbit job numbers made up) Dear Leader may be pulling another ‘swiftie’ on us, as he did with the Skycity convention-construction numbers. (See: Puzzle of Key’s extra casino jobs)

So by the numbers, for this year:

Expect this list to increase on a weekly basis.

This blogger also has ‘inside information’ that Veridian Glass – a Wellington-based glass-supplier for the glazing industry – will also be shedding an unknown number of staff, including truck drivers.

Last year’s shocking news that unemployment had reached 7.3% (175,000 men and women out of work) may only be the beginning.

The next Household Labourforce survey data may see unemployment rising even further.

Meanwhile, as the manufacturing and export sector suffer from an over-valued dollar;  more and more jobs are being lost; and business-owners are demanding action from National.

Meanwhile, Steven Joyce reminds us,

Nobody’s arguing that being a manufacturer isn’t challenging. In fact, in my history in business, every time you’re in business it’s challenging.

But going around and trying to talk down the New Zealand economy and talk about a crisis in manufacturing, I don’t think is particularly helpful.”

See: Exporters tell inquiry of threat from high dollar

Business people are supposedly National’s core constituents.

You wouldn’t think  so.


“Nope. No manufacturing or export sector crisis down here.”



= fs =

  1. Adrian
    1 February 2013 at 5:05 am

    Talking about it isn’t helpful. So its YOUR fault.

  2. Scintilla
    1 February 2013 at 9:53 am

    I recall watching a Kevin McLeod house prog last year which featured a UK house with prefabricated internal walls made from 2x pine sheeting enclosing sheep fleece as insulation. They imported it from Germany (where of course they still have manufacturing, funny old things) and McLeod was very impressed. It makes me wonder whether we really are innovative enough – surely the Christchurch rebuild and $300k houses for Auckland could utilise such thinking. We have spare capacity in the Kawerau timber mills and plenty of wool.

  3. 10 February 2013 at 10:55 am

    And how many jobs will be lost as a result of Mainzeal’s collapse?

  1. 15 February 2013 at 10:56 am

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