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2013 – More redundancies…

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Last year’s talley of redundancies – by  no means complete – which added to the rise in unemployment to 175,000 New Zealanders looking for work;

The year is barely one month old, and reports are starting to come in of redundancies,


Wool spinner to sell Oamaru plant


Listen to more on Checkpoint


This is yet another business that has been affected by the high exchange rate – the same high Dollar that Steven Joyce has resolutely maintained is “not a crisis”,

There is no generic crisis in manufacturing but I would certainly acknowledge it is challenging for some companies.”

See: Currency intervention a fool’s paradise, says Joyce

Strange – I would have thought that the loss of 40,000 manufacturing jobs in the last four years would qualify as a crisis?

And why is it, I wonder, that National is willing and happy to throw $65 million (of our taxes)  at Warner Bros (a multi-billion dollar overseas company), as a subsidy, to “create” 3,000 jobs,

I’m proud our Government took action to make sure The Hobbit films were made here. They created 3000 jobs and poured millions of dollars into our regions.”

See:  National – Celebrating The Hobbit

If my ‘take’ on this is correct,

  • 3,000 jobs ‘created’ – good
  • 40,000 jobs lost – meh!

And ironically, Key’s claims of 3,000 “new jobs” created may not even be correct! (see:  Key denies Hobbit job numbers made up) Dear Leader may be pulling another ‘swiftie’ on us, as he did with the Skycity convention-construction numbers. (See: Puzzle of Key’s extra casino jobs)

So by the numbers, for this year:

Expect this list to increase on a weekly basis.

This blogger also has ‘inside information’ that Veridian Glass – a Wellington-based glass-supplier for the glazing industry – will also be shedding an unknown number of staff, including truck drivers.

Last year’s shocking news that unemployment had reached 7.3% (175,000 men and women out of work) may only be the beginning.

The next Household Labourforce survey data may see unemployment rising even further.

Meanwhile, as the manufacturing and export sector suffer from an over-valued dollar;  more and more jobs are being lost; and business-owners are demanding action from National.

Meanwhile, Steven Joyce reminds us,

Nobody’s arguing that being a manufacturer isn’t challenging. In fact, in my history in business, every time you’re in business it’s challenging.

But going around and trying to talk down the New Zealand economy and talk about a crisis in manufacturing, I don’t think is particularly helpful.”

See: Exporters tell inquiry of threat from high dollar

Business people are supposedly National’s core constituents.

You wouldn’t think  so.


“Nope. No manufacturing or export sector crisis down here.”



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Did we just hear Steven Joyce sh*t all over his colleagues?!?!

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Government sticking with Novopay - for now

Acknowledgment: Radio NZ – Government sticking with Novopay – for now


Steven Joyce,

Steven Joyce revealed that Education Minister Hekia Parata, Finance Minister Bill English and former education minister Craig Foss approved the use of Novopay despite being told that it had bugs.”


In colloquial terms, that is what is known as ‘dropping someone in it’ – “it” being brown, smelly, and heading for waste-treament ponds.

Is there a civil war going on within National, comprising two factions with one led by technocrat Steven Joyce and the other by neo-liberal Bill English?

Or is there something even more disquieting going on within National’s ranks.

Joyce added,

There was definitely knowledge there were bugs at the outset of going live. But the advice of all involved was that the thing should proceed. I doubt they’d give the same advice today.

Noticeably, when queried by media, all three Ministers had similar responses – obviously coached by the same tax-payer funded Party spin-doctors and media-minders,


Mr Fix-It has Novopay plan

See: Mr Fix-It has Novopay plan


Hekia Parata

I think hindsight’s a wonderful thing....

Bill English

In hindsight....

And the tongue-tied Craig Foss,

Well in hindsight… is a benefit of hindsight...


You can always tell when a politician has been coached; they use the same words and phrases over and over again. Spin doctors/media-minders develop a mantra, and their clients are expected to learn and parrot it, by rote. It takes a skilful journalist/interviewer to peel away the carefully-crafted coaching and get to the truth.

This indicates that Parata, English, and Foss had been pre-warned of Joyce’s press conference and admission of the three Minister’s actions.

So is this some sort of carefully managed internecine warfare?

Or a very subtle, clever strategy to neutralise possible Opposition disclosures in Parliament?

Joyce’s statements that there will be on-going problems with Novopay could be seen as an attempt to minimise future media reports on Novopay errors.After all, if National admits that there will be ongoing problems – does that make it news when it happens?

Whichever is the case, this is Steven Joyce at his most cunning, and the Opposition will need to be on their toes. As will the media, if they are not to be out-manouvered by National’s “Mr Fix It”.

“Mr Fix It” does not apply to sorting out computerised pay systems. “Mr Fix It” fixes political messes.

This certainly qualifies as the Mother of all Messes.


As is common with National, Joyce attempted to shift blame onto advisors/bureacrats/Uncle Tom Cobbly, when he stated,

There was definitely knowledge there were bugs at the outset of going live. But the advice of all involved was that the thing should proceed…

My bet is that we will never, ever see this “advice”.



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Judith Collins and the Bain of her ministerial career…

31 January 2013 3 comments


Bain compensation decision months away



It must be true; David Bain has an enemy in the current National Cabinet. Someone (Collins?) has taken it upon her (his) self to ride roughshod over the Privy Council, the re-trial, and retired Canadian judge Ian Binnie, to come to their own conclusions.

If anyone ever wondered what it would be like to have political control of our judicial system – this is pretty damned close to it.

“Justice” Minister Judith Collins is quite openly holding up David Bain’s claim for compensation for wrongful imprisonment.

After publicly trashing retired Canadian judge Ian Binnie’s Report into the matter – along with his reputation – Collins sought a “peer-review” from Robert Fisher, QC.

Fisher duly rubbished Binnie’s report and recommendation for compensation as “flawed” (see:  Bain compo recommended but Binnie report ‘flawed‘). In turn, Fisher’s “peer review” was rubbished – evidently he hadn’t read up on the Bain case!

Months have passed, it appears that Collins is stonewalling. Evidently, a final decision is yet more “months away”.

Now there is talk of Collins requesting another “independent” review.

Well, I hope she’s not going to be looking overseas. After National’s crass, insulting behaviour over Justice Binnie, I doubt any other Jurist would take up an offer from this current National government.

Instead there is talk of an “independent panel”.

Oh, really? How independent? Not too independent, I think – Commissar Collins might not like it.

And if an Independent Panel came to the same conclusion as Justice Binnie – what then? Best of five – two more “independent reviews”!?

If an independent panel deliverers the “wrong” result, perhaps Collins could ramp up the decision-making process. Perhaps a nationwide referendum? We could poll all 4.4 million New Zealanders whether or not to pay Bain?

If we go down the referendum road, it should be a low-cost affair. After all, the Nats are struggling to balance the books and are practically taking money from schoolboys and girls doing paper rounds. So a referendum should be done on the cheap.

Maybe via electronic means?


Imagine deciding a human being’s fate – by just a click –  *Like* or *Don’t Like*.

The Village Mob, 21st century-style.




Thank the gods for progress.

[Note to National: This blogpost was mainly satirical and suggestions to use Facebook, or any other electronic means, to determine whether or not Bain should be compensated were an exercise in satire. My suggestion is, quite simply; stop farting about and PAY the man!]





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