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The Absurdities of National’s policies – a continuing saga

30 January 2013 7 comments




National’s policies continue to harm the most vulnerable in our society – including those working hard trying to make a “go” of it and better themselves.

Their latest exercise in absurdity and sheer mongrel stupidity is setting up barriers for people to get off welfare,


New law nips student mum's dream in bud



How this helps people attain an education; find a job; get off welfare; and pay taxes – is beyond my comprehension. It is simply erecting another barrier in front of people who are doing it tough already.

Worse still, some incredibly thick people  (must be ACT supporters?) are actually supportive of this mean, penny-pinching policy. People like this individual,


“I count it, that she’d get around $620 in the hand per week – not counting an accommodation top up benefit if she’s entitled. The story’s pretty poorly written and somehow suggests the dpb is $172… Nup.
I pay a mortgage, have bought up 3 kids solo with Zero help beside working for families – and am trying to figure how to send my daughter to Uni next year…. and seeing non contributors like here sucking the system gets me riled. $6 grand student debt – please pass me the worlds smallest violin. Last thing NZ needs is another 50 year old shrink. BTW – Mr Anus? Hugh?? I think you’re assuming a lot – Cliff made perfect sense, it’s just that you don’t get to hear it said often enough, cos it’s a bit impolite to be honest about this sort of self indulgent waffle. Let her throw a few more K on the student loan, that’s what my kids have had to do. Welcome to the big sandpit”

Or this one,


“Ms Merson also forgot to mention that she has shared custody and receives a good amount of child support each month! Student allowance, child support and DPB for the last two years!Time she got a real job and paid us tax payers back!”

Source: IBID

Such wilful ignorance… where does one start?!

Perhaps we could start with John Key, our current Prime Minister and owner of $50 million.

Dear Leader went to University at a time when tertiary education was free. No student fees. No student debt. In fact, the State paid students an allowance, to help with their studies and living costs.

Or we could start with Social Welfare Minister, Paula Bennett.

Ms Bennet was once receiving the DPB, as she raised her daughter. Nothing wrong with that.

(Bennett also used WINZ payments to buy a house for herself. See: Bennett knows about life on Struggle St)

She received a Training Incentice Allowance, to pay for her University Degree. Nothing wrong with that either.

She evidently tried part-time work whilst studying, but gave up her job because it was too hard to study and raise a child. Ok, we can understand that.

What I (and many others) find impossible to understand is why Bennett then canned the Training Incentive Allowance.

The same Training Incentive Allowance Bennett  used to further her own education and get a job afterwards.

The same Training Incentive Allowance that an acquaintance of mine received, whilst she raised two sons single-handedly; one with ADHD and Aspergers; and completed a University course; and now earns a good salary paying taxes – instead of being on the DPB.

Isn’t that what we want?

Or is there a nasty, punitive, streak in our collective psyche – as expressed by the vile comments posted by RossRonald  and Jackie10000  – that demands that those receiving welfare and  the “undeserving poor” should be destined to rot in perpetual, unrelenting poverty? How can our once egalitarian society now be producing quasi-Scrooges with such malicious and monstrously shameful comments as RossRonald  and Jackie10000 wrote?

One can only hope that those two represent only a tiny sector of our society – perhaps no more than the 23,889 who voted for ACT, in 2011.

Getting back to the issue, Ms Merson is quoted in the above story as saying,

It seems a shame. It’s been my passion for years, and I was so close.”

Talk about pulling the rug out from under people.

All because we have a political Party in government that panders to the lowest common denominator; naked self-interest.

All because National blew $2 billion a year in unaffordable tax cuts in 2009 and 2010.

And all because, with the shortfall in tax revenue, National is having to scrimp and scrape and slash social and State services, to find the money to “balance their books”.  Just like they did in the late 1990s.

The top income earners have done very well out of National’s  unbridled generosity in giving money away. Key and his cronies  practically hosed it from the Ninth Floor of the Beehive to the waiting One Percenters  below.

But not Ms Merson.

She’s having to pay for those tax cuts by losing out on an education.

“Bright Future” my arse.




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Dominion Post: New law nips student mum’s dream in bud



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Karma for Key?

30 January 2013 9 comments


John Key, on Hekia Pata, nearly a fortnight ago,


“I actually think she’s a very effective communicator; in fact if you look at her history in politics, she’s been one of the smoothest communicators we’ve actually had.” – John Key, 18 January 2013

“I actually think she’s a very effective communicator; in fact if you look at her history in politics, she’s been one of the smoothest communicators we’ve actually had.” – John Key, 18 January 2013


Hekia Parata, confirming Dear Leader’s assertion that she is  “one of the smoothest communicators we’ve actually had”,


'Karma' strikes unpaid Education Ministry staff

Full story


It takes a profound and deeply  callous indifference to make light of the ongoing Novopay fiasco and the resulting stresses on teachers and school admninistrators.

Parata may have been ‘joking’ when she made  her  “Karma” quip.

The joke, though, is on her and on John Key. I suspect that the moment this story hit the headlines, that Key was on the phone quick-smart and gave her a simple message; “shut the  – up!”.

As pundits have reasonable postulated, Key has evaded demands that Parata be despatched as Education Minister. (After all, only eight days ago he fired two other Ministers  who were nowhere as masterful in the  incompetance stakes  as Ms Parata.)

The difference, as the pundits have most likely correctly guessed, is that sacking Parata would’ve been seen as caving in to teacher’s unions, school boards, parents, and anyone else that she has pissed off in the last year or so. It would’ve been a major coup for the Opposition, who are now only 22 months away from becoming the next government.

So instead of sacking Parata, Key went for Plan B; side-line her so she is Minister of Education in name only, and assigned  National’s “hatchetman” – Stephen Joyce – as the real Power-behind-the-Ministerial-Leather-Throne,


Joyce to take on handling of Novopay

Full story


In the meantime, Key’s message to Parata would’ve been simple,

Sit there.

Smile vacantly.

Shut up.

And do nothing.”

As I wrote in my previous blogpost (see: National and the Cult of Buck-Passing )  on 22 Decemberlast year,

As  for Hekia Parata, this blogger is ambivalent about her resigning her portfolio.

A new Minister would simply take up the reins and pursue current National Party policies. Perhaps with a new vigour. That would be of no help to this country whatsoever.

Parata’s presence as Minister of Education has an ongoing “benefit” of focusing on the ideological nuttiness of National’s education “reforms”.

National’s education portfolio is a mess because National’s policies are, in themselves, a mess.

Why take away a constant reminder of National’s failings, by sacking one of it’s most inept Ministers?

Why put a fresh, new, clean face on a cesspit of problematic policies?

Why let the Nats off the hook?

Let Parata stay. It will give voters something to think about in 2014 (if not earlier).

It seems that two of my “predictions” have come  to pass,

  1. A new Minister would simply take up the reins and pursue current National Party policies.” Enter: Stephen Joyce.
  2. Let Parata stay. It will give voters something to think about in 2014 (if not earlier).” With her bizarre comments, she certainly is giving voters something to think about.

When Hekia Parata referred to Karma today, I think she was missing the Big Picture. See the bite marks on Key’s $50 million arse?

That’s  karma.





Otago Daily Times: Joyce to take on handling of Novopay

NZ Herald: Parata safe in her job – Key

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NZ Herald: ‘Karma’ strikes unpaid Education Ministry staff



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