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Citizen A – 24 January 2013


– Citizen A –


– 24 January 2013 –


– David Slack & Dr Wayne Hoper –


– National Party cabinet reshuffle  –  First Political Poll of 2013  –  Ratana & the Maori Party –



Issue 1: National Party cabinet reshuffle – rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic or the boldest political move of the 21st Century?

Issue 2: First Political Poll of 2013 – National up and Labour down – what does David Shearer need to do?

and Issue 3: Ratana this weekend – has Maori political influence peaked – what is happening in the Maori Party?

Citizen A broadcasts on Auckland UHF and will start transmitting on Sky TV on their new public service broadcasting channel ‘FACE Television’ February 7th February 2013.




Acknowledgement (republished with kind permission)




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  1. mcclairy
    28 January 2013 at 10:14 am

    A must watch programme which is doing what the MSM should be doing.
    Shearer? We have to stop his good guy image getting in the way of constructive criticism.
    As a newby on the block he has some serious communication skills to learn.
    First – stop licking his lips at the end of every phrase-sentence – one stops listening and counts the licks. Bit like people who end every sentence with “You know” and listening ceases and counting begins.
    His lack of political-historical knowledge – saying he was/is in favour of Rogernomics !!!!!
    Hasn’t he read Jane Kelsey’s -The NZ Experiment and Reclaiming The Future, Bruce Jesson’s – Only Their Purpose Is Mad and John Robinson’s series of books starting with – Destroying New Zealand – and that is just for starters.Thirdly, hire an expert to role play and video the hard questions he is likely to encounter and responding to the faults in his replies and how to sharpen his act.
    Stop denying, attack in response! “Show me the money should have been met with,”Show me the jobs” by Goff, with that debate possibly contributing greatly to the loss of the election. Who didn’t cringe at Goff playing buddies in the debates.
    More ?

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