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Citizen A 2012 year in review with Chris Trotter & Phoebe Fletcher


Citizen A


Chris Trotter & Phoebe Fletcher


20 December 2012 – 2012 year in review



Citizen A 2012 year in review with Chris Trotter & Phoebe Fletcher

Issue 1: Who were the best and worst politicians and political parties for 2012?

Issue 2: What were the biggest political and economic news stories for this year?

and Issue 3: what flew under the news radar?

Citizen A broadcasts 7pm Thursday Triangle TV: Citizen A will move to Sky TV on their new public broadcasting style channel ‘Face TV’ February 1st 2013.




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Re-published with kind permission from Tumeke



= fs =

  1. 25 December 2012 at 9:00 am

    Great commentary and opinion, gave me heaps of ideas for protesting next year. I chalk political poetry and sayings on the streets of Wellington and Wairarapa to bypass the media and was involved in the Occupy Wellington movement. Will be checking out your blogs for sure – I’m getting my voice heard through social media and gaining heaps of very useful knowledge.

    I continue to publicly protest regularly about the appauling state of ACC, mental health and justice services for abused men women and children and was arrested 4-5 times in 2012. As well as other relevant issues, like inequality, politician and CEO salaries and rises, the environment, economic values, opposition to free trade, opposition to 1080 (when we have unemployed people who could be in the bush catching these pests and improving our tracks and lodges), asset sales, human rights abuses, etc.

    Unless we empower the people being screwed over to take to the streets then things are going to get worse – much worse. Especially considering our biased greedy media maggots and their blow fly editors manipulating the news.

    I am working on a new poem today, Xmas day, here’s the first draft. Can’t wait to chalk it on the street.

    Begging At Your Feet

    The media won’t say it so I chalk it on the street

    The government won’t say it so I’m begging at your feet

    As you walk upon these words think of the people you don’t meet

    As you reflect upon these words know its abused and poor you beat

    You pay cruel heartless bigots as leaders of this place

    You pay immoral, greedy elitists that’s why our country’s a disgrace

    If you voted National then it’s your responsibility

    For suicides, sickness, sadness, persecution and poverty


    • Clive @ large
      28 December 2012 at 10:42 am

      Well said Mr Murphy!

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