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Mayor decrees 162,000 New Zealanders as ‘persona non grata’

25 September 2012 11 comments

This is a new one for the books; social apartheid based on one’s employment status,



Full story


So – how do you stop someone moving to your town?

Well, there are at least three methods – both tried proven in the last century.

1. Visual Identification

In the 1930s and 40s, the German government hit upon the novel idea of forcing certain classes of people – those classed as “undesirables” by the State – to wear colour-coded symbols sewn onto their clothing.

Jews were made to wear a bright yellow “star of David”,



Gays were made  to wear a pink triangle,



The full list of colour-coded badges,

  • Yellow star – a Jew
  • Red triangle—political prisoners: liberals, communists, trade unionists, royalists, social democrats and socialists, Freemasons, anarchists.
  • Green triangle— “professional criminals” (convicts, often Kapos).
  • Blue triangle—foreign forced laborers, emigrants.
  • Purple triangle—Bible Students, a term taken from a name of, and primarily referring to, Jehovah’s Witnesses, though a very small number of pacifists and members of other religious organizations were also imprisoned under this classification
  • Pink triangle—sexual offenders, mostly homosexual men but rarely rapists, zoophiles and paedophiles.
  • Blacktriangle—people who were deemed “asocial elements” and “work shy” including
    • Roma (Gypsies), who were later assigned a brown triangle
    • The mentally ill
    • Alcoholics
    • Vagrants and beggars
    • Pacifists
    • Conscription resisters
    • Prostitutes
    • Some anarchists
    • Drug addicts
  • Brown triangle—Roma (Gypsies) (previously wore the black triangle)
  • Uninverted red triangle—an enemy POW, spy or a deserter.

See: Wikipedia – Nazi emblems for undesirables

This system could be very useful for Herr Campbell – indeed for New Zealand as a whole. Easily identified classes of undesirables makes it easier for Good Citizens to deny services; prevent association with, and cultural contamination by,  undesirables; keep our children safe from undesirables; and keep our young people pure by isolating undesirables.

Eventually, Undesirables can be removed from society altogether and ‘re-homed’ in specially-designated “reservations”. (The Kermadecs may be a possibility?)

2. Reservations

Reservations – aka “Homelands” in apartheid-era South Africa – were designed as a ‘final solution’ for non-White races.



In our case, separate reservations could be intended for separate classes of people. Of course, that entails breaking up entire families of undesirables – but that is a minor issue. Good Citizens do not concern themselves with the welfare of undesirables.

Undesirables, as Citizen Campbell would have us know, are lesser creatures and do not feel emotional hurt as we, normal Citizens do. (It’s in their genes.  Or blood. Or something.)

As a start, every person who voted for John Banks would be assigned to a Reservation on White Island. Yes, we know it’s an active volcano, but it’s as close to Hell as we can get for these obviously sub-normal voters.

3. Internal passports

Internal passports were/are very popular with totalitarian regimes that demanded full control over  the movements (or lack, thereof) of their people. The former Soviet Union, and to a lesser extent, the Russian Federation, utilised internal passports. As does China to this day.

And of course the former apartheid regime of South Africa had it’s own Pass Laws.

New Zealand could easily turn Community Services Cards into a de facto Internal Passport. Simply add a computer chip (like most modern credit cards) and take it from there.

Result; voila! Full control of undesirables’ movements.

(Mr Campbell may start doing his little ‘happy dance’ now.)

Full disclosure

In case anyone missed it – I’m taking the piss here. I do not advocate Visual Identifications, Reservations, or Internal Passports. A society that employs such policies is one that is utterly alien to ours.

Perhaps Mr Campbell might reflect on the sort of society we are becoming when a class of people is discriminated against in such a callous manner.  If New Zealand is going to treat the unemployed – who are simply the victims of an ongoing global financial crisis – as pariahs; second class citizens; the Jews and Gypsies from the 1930s, then there is something seriously wrong with us.

Only a brutalised society could behave in such a brutal fashion.

One cannot help but suspect that Welfare Minister Paula Bennett’s ongoing harassment and vilification of unemployed, solo-mums (but never solo-dads), widows, etc, is becoming part of our social fabric. National has many failures to cover up and shifting blame onto others is one way of ducking responsibility. (Right wingers are not as Big on taking responsibility as they make out.)

I wonder if Mr Campbell prays every night that his butchery business thrives, and that he is not voted out of his mayorlty role.

It would be unfortunate for him if he were to become unemployed.



It can happen to anyone.



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The Benign Neglect of the Free Market

25 September 2012 3 comments



Nuplex joins a long line of other industries, manufacturers, retailers, government departments, SOEs, etc, who plan to shed jobs,


Full story


The announcement of redundancies adds to a shocking list of job losses this year alone,

What sets Nuplex’s announcement apart from others was this extraordinary statement from New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association president, Brian Willoughby,

New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association president Brian Willoughby said Nuplex’s decision would have come after all other options were exhausted. “Nuplex would have been working really hard to be as effective as it could, like the other companies that have announced these closures and layoffs. This is the end game – they can’t make it work.”

He said the Government, and past governments, clearly understood the reasons why manufacturers and exporters were facing such challenges.

“They have all operated with benign neglect and let it get to this,” said Willoughby. “There are so many buttons that could be pushed.”

He said the Reserve Bank could lower interest rates, which would help keep the New Zealand dollar’s strength in check.”

See: Ibid

Benign neglect“, Willoughby calls it.

Another term is the free market in full operation.

Were it not for the fact that thousands of New Zealanders are losing their jobs on a weekly basis, pushing up the unemployment rate, I would find Willoughby’s remarks laughable.

Businessmen and women are quick off the mark to demand less State interference and more market de-regulation to suit their vision of a pure free market.

Both National and Labour governments  have been happy to comply, reducing company tax rates, as well as personal marginal tax rates for high income earners.

In the last four years, company tax rates have been slashed from 33% to 28%.

See: IRD – For businesses and employers

Industrial labour “reforms” have included the 90 Day “trial rate” to allow employers to take on more staff more easily (and still unemployment is rising?!) since 1 Aprl last year.

See: Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment – 90 Day Trial Period

And FTA deals are being planned all over the place.

If National was any more “business friendly”, politicians would be literally climbing into bed and sleeping with business people. (No inferences made.)

And business sector groups are now whinging that past governments  ” have all operated with benign neglect “?!

Ungrateful buggers.

As if Brian Willoughby’s whining wasn’t enough, Catherine Beard, executive director of Manufacturing NZ, made this stomach-churning complaint,

She said measures the Government could take to address the strong dollar included reducing debt, to take the pressure off interest rates, and putting an end to “poor quality spending” such as Working for Families and student loans.

See: The axe falls: Industry boss blames cuts on Govt

Yeah. Why should families raising kids  and young people starting out in life get all the breaks, huh?

I look forward to Ms Beard advocating  an end to namby-pamby laws protecting workers’ conditions so that children can have real choices in life.

Like whether to work in sweat shops or clean the insides of chimneys.

Choice is important.



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Polls, Rogue Polls, and Damned Rogue Polls!

24 September 2012 3 comments



Two previous polls this month showed a slight increase for National, and a small corresponding drop for Labour,

National – 47.9% (+0.45)

Labour – 32%  (-2%)

Greens – 10.7% (+1.6%)

NZ First – 5.5% (+1.1%)

ACT – Dog tucker

Source: Herad Digipoll 11 September 2012

National – 46.5%  (+2%)

Labour – 31%  (-1%)

Greens – 12.5%  (-2%)

NZ First – 4.5%  (-0.5%)

ACT  – still dog tucker – with biscuits thrown in

Source: Roy Morgan 13 September 2012

Which makes a recent TVNZ/Colmar Brunton Poll somewhat odd, as it appears to break the trends shown in the above two polls,

National – 45%  (-3%)

Labour – 34%  (+2%)

Greens – 12.0%  (n/c)

NZ First – 2.0%  (-1%)

ACT  – dessert, leftover humble pie

Source: Labour makes gains on National – poll 23 September 2012

So two polls show National tracking up – and one shows the same Party dropping. Which is correct? Which is the ‘rogue poll’?

This blogger opts for the latter, the TVNZ/Colmar Brunton Poll.

With National’s recent strategy to paint Maori water claims as “greedy” and maintaining that “no one owns the water” (as opposed to coal, oil, and gas being sold to power thermal electricity generation) ; and Bennett’s relentless beneficiary-bashing proceeding at Warp Factor 9 – it is hardly surprising that the Nats are rising in the polls.

This is the same dog-whistle politics which Don Brash used during his stint as leader of Labour Greens ACT Mickey Mouse Party  the National Party (finally got the right one – hard to keep track of  The Don, these days)  in January 2004 during his infamous “Orewa Speech”.

The racists and low information voters loved it. Whether bashing the “lazy druggie benes” or bashing the “lazy greedy Mow-ries” – National and ACT know they can always rely on exploiting this country’s latent prejudices to secure some increased electoral support.

The Nats enjoyed a stunning 17% meteoric rise in the polls in 2004, thanks to Brash’s odious speech, that would’ve made a certain German Corporal proud.

The  TVNZ/Colmar Brunton Poll is definitely rogue.

It is too early for the punters to cotton on to the fact that National Party strategists, beavering away in their little dens on the Beehive’s Ninth Floor (or basement dungeon, or where ever Key keeps his Orc-ish minions) are conning them Big Time.  Diversion and distraction – the oldest game in the political book to keep the Middle Classes from realising that National is failing to rev up the economy and unemployment is on the rise.

I am reminded of playing with kitty cat with a bit of string…

It works similar with the Middle Classes. But instead of string, use bene-baiting or “standing up to dem  Mow-ries“. Guaranteed to work.

This blogger still believes that we are in line for a change in government come 2014 (or earlier). Eventually, the Middle Classes tire of hearing the unemployed, solo-mums (but never solo-dads), Maori, etc, demonised and begin to realise that National has nothing positive to offer.

That is when people realise that the Emporer has no clothes. *ick*





As a side issue…

Colmar Brunton brags on its website that it ” is delighted that the One News Colmar Brunton Poll is noted as the poll that most closely predicted the 2011 election “.

According to their own data, they are nothing of the sort. In fact, Roy Morgan achieved closer Party polling than Colmar did. The closest polling figures to actual Election Night voting results are marked in red,




Colmar Brunton got four results closer to Election Night with scores for the Conservative Party, Labour, Greens, and Mana.

Roy Morgan got five scores closer to Election Night; National, ACT, United Future, Maori, and NZ First.

If you’re going to brag that you do a better job than your competitors, it might be a good idea to back it up with real evidence. (At least 50% of respondents agree with that assertion… )

Interestingly, Colmar Brunton generally got it right with the opposition parties (except for Conservatives) whilst Roy Morgan generally got it right with the government coalition parties (except for NZ First).




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A Dolphin’s Tale

24 September 2012 11 comments



To our great shame, one of the world’s most endangered species, the Maui’s Dolphin, now has less than 55 individuals left.  The species is 54 deaths away from extinction.

See: Forest & Bird – Hector’s & Maui’s dolphins

It’s close cousin, the Hector’s Dolphin, numbers around  7,000-8,000 – a drop from 30,000 in the 1970s.

Each year 23 Hector’s dolphins are drowned in fisher’s nets.

See: Hector’s dolphins on course for extinction

Set nets have all but destroyed these air-breathing mammals in our insatiable rush to strip the seas of edible fish.

On 28 June, Primary Industries Minister David Carter announced,

I have decided to extend the recreational and commercial set net ban in the Taranaki area, from Pariokariwa Point south  to Hawera, with an offshore boundary of 2 nautical miles (nm)…

In addition, due to the level of uncertainty in information relating to Maui’s dolphin presence in the area, I have decided to prohibit the use of commercial set nets between 2 nm and 7 nm in this area without an observer onboard.

Observers will:

  •  report start and end positions of nets set between 2 and 7 nm from shore; and
  •  report dolphins sightings to DOC.”

See:  David Carter – Maui Dolphin Decision Letter

See:  Set net restrictions to protect Maui’s dolphins

Which seemed remarkably less than what was required to save Maui’s dolphin and prevent Hector’s dolphin from sliding further toward extinction.

On 21 September, Radio NZ featured a report about New Zealand’s governmental delegation to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s conference, held in Korea. Shockingly, our delegation   voted against  strengthening measures to protect  Maui’s and Hector’s dolphins,


Full story

Radio NZ:  Listen to more on Morning Report


It must be one of the few  occassions  in our history that New Zealand has voted against a conservation measure in an international forum, focusing  specifically on  an endangered species within our own territory.

There must have been several raised eyebrows at that Conference.

How much longer can call ourselves “100% Pure – Clean & Green”? (Maybe 70%?)

On 12 June, John Key fronted a “Live Chat”, hosted by Fairfax media, where he answered questions put to him by readers.

See Previous blogpost: Fairfax – an hour with Dear Leader

One of the questions put to him referred to endangered dolphins in our waters,

12:28  Moderator:
Anna asks:
What is the govt doing to prevent the extinction of the Maui dolphins? DETAILS! Not just “we’re working on it” NZ wants answers. We want a moratorium on set net fishing.

12:28  John Key:
We are very close to making an announcement in relation to that issue. Stay posted.

That tantalising hint of  “an announcement in relation to that issue” raised hopes that National was set to take firm,  decisive action to preserve both species from the abyss of permanent extinction.

No such luck.

By now we should be used to National stating lofty goals – and taking the lowest road possible to the easiest, cheapest outcome. An outcome we live to regret later.

In two years, Maui’s dolphin may be extinct.

That’s one hell of a “legacy” for John Key’s Prime Ministership to be remembered by.




Take Action

Forest & Bird: Hector’s Dolphins: Distribution

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National ramps up attack on unemployed and solo-mums (part rua)

24 September 2012 6 comments



Continued from: National ramps up attack on unemployed and solo-mums

Yesterday (12 September) Welfare Minister Paula Bennett released this piece of spectacular “data” to the media,


Full story


It was one of those “Shock! Horror!” stories that the media loves – great headlines, not much critical analysis. When you read the whole “story”, the questions that are not answered scream out at you,

  1. What is full meaning of the statement “An actuarial valuation conducted as part of the Government’s welfare reforms shows the average total cost of those who had received a working-age benefit in the year to June 30, 2011 was $78.1b”?
  2. Why did the Fairfax reporter not cross-reference invalid and sickness beneficiaries to ACC policy of “exiting” clients onto welfare, where ongoing rehabilitation was not available? (ACC staff rewarded for cutting off clients – MP)
  3. How accurate is the report?
  4. How does this report help create 170,000 new jobs, promised by John Key last year?  (See: Budget 2011: Govt predicts 170,000 new jobs)
  5. What was the point of the report, when Bennett herself has admitted on TVNZ’zs Q+A,“There’s not a job for everyone that would want one right now, or else we wouldn’t have the unemployment figures that we do.” – Paula Bennett, 29 April 2012 (See:
  6. Why has National spent $800,000 on this “report”, when previously  Bennett refused to undertake further research to gain information on child poverty,  “of course there is poverty in New Zealand. This has been acknowledged by the Government but it’s not a priority to have another measure on it” ? (See: Combating poverty more important than measuring it.)

It’s interesting that Paula Bennett rejected calls for further research to quantify the levels of child poverty in this country stating that, ” it’s not a priority to have another measure on it” – but feels it necessary to spend nearly a million dollars of our taxes on a study of  “an actuarial valuation” on long-term costings of  welfare.

If this doesn’t raise the hackles and outrage of New Zealanders then they are truly braindead.

Worse still is the timing of the realease of the Taylor Fry report.

The report – designed to paint unemployed and solo-mums in a maximum damning light – was released on 12 September.

A day later, this story became public,


Full story

Listen: Listen to more from Bill English on Morning Report


Thus far, that story does not seem to have appeared in any other media.

It has been quietly “buried” under a mountain of negative press releases from National.

This blogger has zero doubt that National was fully aware that Statistics New Zealand was in the process of releasing the data on job losses to the public. That story, plus ongoing redundancies and rising unemployment led National’s taxpayer-funded spin-meisters to pre-empt Statistics New Zealand’s bad news shocker, and instead release their own “Shock, Horror!” story.

Thus far, it seems to have worked.

But for how long?

Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank has released an astonishing report blaming National’s policies for low economic growth,,

Fiscal consolidation is expected to have a substantial dampening influence on demand growth over the projected horizon. This consolidation will, all else equal, lead to a lower OCR (official cash rate) than would otherwise be the case.

See: Govt austerity slows growth, keeps rates low – RBNZ

National fails to create the 170,000 new jobs they promised us last year, and blames beneficiaries for their incompetance? Noice.




Yesterday, this blogger emailed Paula Minister on National’s recent bout of beneficiary bashing,

Date:   Wednesday, 12 September 2012 2:23 PM
From: Frank Macskasy <>
Reply-To: Frank Macskasy <>
Subject: Recent “welfare reforms” – Some questions for you.
To: “” <>
Cc: Chris Laidlaw RNZ <>,
    “” <>,
    Dominion Post <>,
    Daily News <>, Daily Post <>,
    Hutt News <>, Jim Mora <>,
    “Joanna Norris ( DPT)” <>,
    Kim Hill <>,
    “” <>,
    John Key <>, Listener <>,
    Morning Report <>,
    NZ Herald <>,
    Nine To Noon RNZ <>,
    “” <>,
    “” <>,
    Otago Daily Times <>,
    “” <>, Q+A <>,
    Southland Times <>, TVNZ News <>,
    The Press <>,
    The Wellingtonian <>,
    “” <>,
    Waikato Times <>,
    Wairarapa Times-Age <>
Kia ora Ms Bennett,
Regarding your proposals to compel the unemployed, solo-mothers, etc, to undertake various obligations, or face having their welfare payments cut, I have some questions to put to you;
  1. Will recipients of Working for Families – which some call a “welfare benefit – also be expected to compulsorily enroll their children in Early Childhood Education and doctors? If not, why not?
  2. Will superannuitants who are caring for children also be expected to compulsorily enroll their children in Early Childhood Education and doctors? If not, why not?
  3. Will children of all families, regardless of financial and/or employment circumstance also be expected to compulsorily enroll their children in Early Childhood Education and doctors? If not, why not?
If  compulsory early childhood education and doctor’s visits for children of unemployed, solo-mums, and other welfare recipients is such a good idea that National is willing to enact legislation, and financially penalise parents for failing to carry out this policy – why are other parents also not being compelled to enroll their children in Early Childhood Education and medical clinics?
Is there a basis upon which only the unemployed who have been made redundant from companies, government departments, and SOEs, are being targetted? What is that basis?
If unemployed or low-income families are financially unable to enroll their children in Early Childhood Education, doctors, etc, what steps will National take to offer additional financial assistance?
Do you still stand by your comment that you made on TVNZ’s Q+A on 29 April 2012, that, “there’s not a job for everyone that would want one right now, or else we wouldn’t have the unemployment figures that we do”.
And lastly; is this propopsal – plus your other so-called “welfare reforms” – simply not an attack on the unemployed and solo-mothers to deflect attention away from your government’s inability to generate the 170,000 new jobs that Prime Minister John Key promised us at the last election?
I await any possible answer you might be able to provide to these questions.
-Frank Macskasy

PS: This correspondence is not to be regarded as permission, whether actual or implied, to release any personal details about me that the State might hold about me.

Her office has responded today (13 September),

Date: Thursday, 13 September 2012 9:06 AM
From: Natalie Hansen <>
To: “‘'” <>
Subject: FW: Recent “welfare reforms” – Some questions for you.

Hello Frank

The Hon Paula Bennett, Minister for Social Development has asked me to thank you for your email. 

Consideration is currently being given to the matters you raise and you may expect a reply at the Minister’s earliest opportunity.

Kind regards

Natalie Hansen

Private Secretary, Office of Hon Paula Bennett Minister for Social Development | Minister of Youth Affairs Executive Wing 5.5, Parliament Buildings| Private Bag 18041 | Wellington 6160

Telephone: +64 4 817 6815 | Fax: +64 4 817 6515 | Email:

Consideration is currently being given to the matters”  I raised?

It will be interesting to see what – if any – rational response Bennett comes up with. This should be good.

* Up-date*

Date:  Monday, 24 September 2012 3.57PM
From: “J Key (MIN)” <>
To: Frank Macskasy <>
Subject: RE: Recent “welfare reforms” – Some questions for you.

Dear Mr Macskasy,

On behalf of the Prime Minister, Rt Hon John Key, I acknowledge the copy of your email sent for Mr Key’s information.


E Tanga          

Ministerial Assistant/Records Officer           

Office of the Prime Minister

No further response  received from Paula Bennett’s office as at 24 September.





Sources Combating poverty more important than measuring it

NZ Herald: Fate of youth gloomiest stat of all

NZ Herald: Benefit tally ‘not an excuse for hard line’

NZ Herald: Andrew Cardow: Bennett out-nannies Labour’s nanny state

NZ Herald: Govt austerity slows growth, keeps rates low – RBNZ



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Uncle Sam, Over Here?

23 September 2012 14 comments


Full Story


The interview with Panetta,

CORIN DANN: Putting the ship issue aside, is there perhaps the potential for New Zealand one day to host US marines in that same way, perhaps, that Australia and the Philippines might be in the future?

LEON PANETTA: Well, you know, I think one of the things that was made clear to me by the Defence Minister is the interest in developing amphibious capability here with the New Zealand forces. And we certainly can help provide assistance in that. The marines are among the best in terms of that capability. And I would hope that, you know, we could develop an approach where we could continue to do exercises, continue to provide training and assistance, continue to provide our expertise and try to build up New Zealand’s capabilities so that you will be in a better position to be able to provide not only for your own security but help us in providing for the security of the Asia-Pacific region.

See: TVNZ’s Q+A Interview

Stationing US troops here on New Zealand soil, on a permanent basis?!

Ahhh, that would be a definite NO.

Not unless National was hell-bent on buying into a fight with every leftist, peacenik,  anti-war Christian, and  middle class liberal  in this country?

The only reason National might conceivably go along with such a nutty proposal is that middle class New Zealanders are finally  tiring of beneficiary-bashing, and Key’s spin-meisters needed a new diversionary strategy.

Our Aussie cuzzies might be happy at the prospect of becoming the 51st state of the U S of A – but I suspect us kiwis draw the line at having crappy tv programmes broadcast into our homes.

No thank you, Dear Leader, Uncle Sam, or Uncle Tom Cobbly.



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Liberalising WoF rules – where have we heard this before?

20 September 2012 2 comments

The latest liberalisation policy from National; changing the frequency of Warrants of Fitness for new and older vehicles,


Listen to Simon Bridges on Checkpoint


Listen to more on Nine to Noon


I have an uneasy feeling about National’s proposals…

On one hand, it would be easier and cheaper to have my car checked for a WoF once every six months.  Who could say ‘no’ to saving $40 or $60 a year?

On the other hand, a lot can go wrong with a car in one year.  As mechanic, Don Sweet, told Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon programme,

When you talk about the repairs, I’ve found steering joints falling off, brakes worn right out, brake hoses cracked to bursting, rusted brake pipes, tyres with steel cords coming out.”

So why my apprehension? What is it about National’s liberalisation of  this regulation that causes my ‘spidey-sense‘ to tingle, with on-coming danger?

Perhaps because we’ve been down this road before – with disturbing and tragic consequences,


Full Story


Source: Hansards – Weathertight Homes Resolution Services (Financial Assistance Package) Amendment Bill — Third Reading

Despite Minister Williamson attempting to duck responsibility, the de-regulation of the Building Industry, as well as the Mining Inspectorate, can be sheeted home fairly-and-squarely upon National’s neo-liberal shoulders.

As part of an ongoing agenda of transforming New Zealand society and economy into a de-regulated free-market, with minimal state over-sight, both Rogernomics Labour and National pursued liberalisation to the exclusion of common sense, safety, and consequences.

Those politicians responsible for the mess they created; the billions of dollars in damage; and lives lost, continue to abrogate all responsibility for the last two decades. Yet, many of those same politicians are still in office today.

The liberalisation of Warrants of Fitness for vehicles sounds like a good idea.

But so did de-regulation of the Building Industry and Mining Inspectorate, at the time.

One would like to think we have learnt our lessons over time, but it appears not. Our propensity for collective amnesia is as much a part of our nature as it ever was.

Liberalisation  of vehicle safety standards: this will not end well.




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