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Uncle Sam, Over Here?

23 September 2012 14 comments


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The interview with Panetta,

CORIN DANN: Putting the ship issue aside, is there perhaps the potential for New Zealand one day to host US marines in that same way, perhaps, that Australia and the Philippines might be in the future?

LEON PANETTA: Well, you know, I think one of the things that was made clear to me by the Defence Minister is the interest in developing amphibious capability here with the New Zealand forces. And we certainly can help provide assistance in that. The marines are among the best in terms of that capability. And I would hope that, you know, we could develop an approach where we could continue to do exercises, continue to provide training and assistance, continue to provide our expertise and try to build up New Zealand’s capabilities so that you will be in a better position to be able to provide not only for your own security but help us in providing for the security of the Asia-Pacific region.

See: TVNZ’s Q+A Interview

Stationing US troops here on New Zealand soil, on a permanent basis?!

Ahhh, that would be a definite NO.

Not unless National was hell-bent on buying into a fight with every leftist, peacenik,  anti-war Christian, and  middle class liberal  in this country?

The only reason National might conceivably go along with such a nutty proposal is that middle class New Zealanders are finally  tiring of beneficiary-bashing, and Key’s spin-meisters needed a new diversionary strategy.

Our Aussie cuzzies might be happy at the prospect of becoming the 51st state of the U S of A – but I suspect us kiwis draw the line at having crappy tv programmes broadcast into our homes.

No thank you, Dear Leader, Uncle Sam, or Uncle Tom Cobbly.



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