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Is John Key ‘losing the plot’?!

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When the Leader of the pro-capitalist National Party starts talking about “nationalising elements such as water and wind”  – whilst at the same time instigating a programme to partially privatise Genesis Energy, Mighty River Power, and Meridian – the question has to be asked; has John Key flipped his lid?!?!

Regardless of whatever atmosphere they are breathing on the Ninth Floor, there must be some severe oxygen depletion at work to have affected Key’s mental processes so badly.

New Zealanders from both ends of the spectrum, Left and Right, as well as the general populace, must be wondering what is going on in the land of Planet National.

Right wing National supporters must’ve wondered if they had heard their Dear Leader correctly when he uttered the taboo “N” word (“nationalisation – not “n—-r”).

The Left would have been rolling their eyes and shaking their heads in dismay, and wondering, “How much more of this clown will the public take? Does he have to decapitate and eat a kitten before his popularity takes a nose-dive and drops lower than John Banks’ credibility?”

Nationalisation of water and air…

Whilst selling of our state assets at the same time…

The breath-taking audacity of the man.

In reality, what he is saying is that  the government is toying with the idea  of making a grab for certain natural resources – before selling them to private investors.

His comment is as ludicrous as his statement on TVNZ’s Q+A on 16 September when he dumbly blurted out,

… So if you accept that viewpoint, then I think you have to accept that elements like water and wind and the sun and air and fire and all these things, and the sea, along with natural resources like oil and gas, are there for the national interest of everyone. They’re there for the benefit of all New Zealanders, not one particular group over another. “

See: TVNZ Q+A Interview with Prime Minister John Key

Yeah, right, Dear Leader. I’m sure that came as a bit of a surprise to the private oil and gas companies currently exploiting our gas and oil fields.

John Key – always a laugh a minute with his incredibly outrageous remarks. Unfortunately, his clownish behaviour is ultimately at our expense.


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  1. Taura
    18 September 2012 at 6:48 am

    Losing it? He never had one. It’s akin to him speaking words distantly resembling a vague representation of truth on a planet light years from ours. A sedative and a strait jacket followed by a long jump off a high building with a short rope would be too nice a place for him.

    • 18 September 2012 at 10:49 am

      Heh heh heh…

      Maybe I should have titled this “Is John Key ‘losing the plot’ more than usual?!

  2. 18 September 2012 at 9:58 am

    Right. So no-one ‘owns’ water, wind, gas etc, but they are there “for the national interest of everyone.” Everyone in this little country that depends on external trade – what “everyone” needs is the correct application of the level playing field concept – our infrastructure & energy supplied in a reliable & cost-effective, sustainable manner for the benefit of us all. .Put the profit motive in there and instantly, the pillars of “reliable, cost-effective and sustainable” become contestable, rather than a strong platform to build on.
    We missed a great opportunity to truly act in the spirit of the Treaty: instead of privatising, we could have handed over management , kaitiakitanga for water and power to Maori, with us all as “shareholders”.

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