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I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want…

8 September 2012 11 comments




… and it ain’t reality TV shows!

A recent NZ Herald poll presented a very interesting result when it came to preferred programme-viewing,



See: NZ Herald

It’s intriguing to note that Reality TV shows scored a surprisingly low 4% !

Though possibly not a very accurate poll, it’s still surprising that Reality TV did not fare better with NZ Herald readers.

Could it be that television executives have badly misjudged their viewing audiences and fewer and fewer  people are bothering with the heavily formatted, cliched reality shows?

The soft-core porn of “The G.C.” was bad enough. Now TV3 are planning to ‘share’ “The Ridges” with us, the viewing public? I have little idea why “The Ridges” are famous. Aside from pandering to a small(ish)  male segment of the population with unwholesome mother/daughter fantasies – it’s a mystery to this blogger what these two women have achieved that merits an entire TV series devoted to them?

‘Reality’ shows like “The G.C.” and “The Ridges” are a far cry from the bold documentary-making of Bryan Bruce’s “Inside New Zealand: Child Poverty“.

See: Inside Child Poverty (the dvd)

See: Inside Child Poverty (Facebook page)

If the Herald poll is correct, it demonstrates one simple,  hard fact; viewers are crying out for in-depth  news and documentary programmes. They want to know what’s happening in their own country, and the world around them.

At 28% support, television moguls should know where the real money is; intelligent, thought-provoking docos.

Certainly not the boudoirs of a couple of hapless blondes. (No offence intended to Ms Ridge and her daughter.)



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