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Guest Author: Reactionary distractions hide NZ’s 9.1% unemployment

– Neil Watts,  Blogger, Fearfactsexposed

28 August 2012


Shocking new unemployment figures hidden by hard-Right red herrings.

Damning new unemployment statistics released by Roy Morgan Research yesterday reveal that the true rate of unemployment in New Zealand is much greater than the official 6.9% claimed by the Government.

According to Roy Morgan’s figures, unemployment is sitting at 9.1%, with a further 9.6% under-employed and looking for work.  That’s almost 20% of New Zealanders not achieving their productive potential and not contributing to the economy.  These figures are an economic disaster, and point to the single worst management of the economy in New Zealand’s history.  Little wonder the Government were busy rolling out Paula Bennett’s latest poor-hate policy this week, to give their friends in the mainstream media something else to talk about.

And, of course, John Key’s favourite Rightwing propagandists at Fairfax Media were more than happy to ignore the shocking new figures and concentrate instead on National’s latest initiative to demonise the poor;  forcing beneficieries to take complulsary drug tests.

Here we go yet again.  It’s as predictable as the sunrise – as soon as National are likely to be tarnished by bad news, they simply get Herr Paula to pull out another piece of dog-whistle poor-hate to remind the rest of the proletariat that all of our problems are caused by the dirty, filthy, lazy, unemployed, and not by the failed free market dogma that crashed the world’s economy, and is now being touted as the only way to fix it.

There isn’t a single word on Stuff about the Roy Morgan report, which is interesting, considering that when their polls show National doing well with voters, Fairfax struggle to find a font big enough.  Instead, they do National the usual courtesy of focussing on the distraction, with the bold headline “Beneficiery drug testing plans unveiled”.  They are effectively making scapegoats of the most vulnerable to justify the unthinkable. Now, in what kind of historical regimes have we seen this strategy before?  It’s a dangerous and morally bankrupt Government that attempts to blame soaring unemployment on the unemployed themselves.

While unemployment is an increasingly worrying issue for struggling New Zealanders, Fairfax revealed their abject contempt for our concerns, by making a facetious joke out of the Opposition’s attempts to save jobs at Dunedin’s Hillside manufacturing plant.  Labour Leader David Shearer’s visit to the plant yesterday and his calls to save New Zealand’s manufacturing industry might be serious to ordinary Kiwis, but Fairfax didn’t even bother reporting his comments, instead publishing the following maliscious, poor taste comments:


Office sceptics are wondering . . . would productivity rise at Dunedin’s Hillside engineering workshops and would they get more contracts if Labour MPs would just leave them alone to do their jobs? Labour leader David Shearer was the latest to visit yesterday, and our reporters can recall two visits by former leader Phil Goff and one by David Cunliffe in the past year.

Mr Shearer said the workshops were “a national asset” and their future had to be secured to protect skilled jobs and flow-on economic benefits to other businesses.”

Clearly, New Zealanders losing their jobs is something of a big joke to Fairfax.  It certainly isn’t a big deal to their mega-wealthy shareholders, like climate change denying serial polluter Gina Rinehart, who owns most of the corporation’s shares.  Perhaps that’s why big news today of a record Arctic ice melt, resembling a giant slushie, hasn’t been reported by Ms Rinehart’s own personal propaganda company.   According to the story published on the more reliable New Zealand Herald’s website:

“Michael E. Mann, a lead author of a major UN report in 2001 on climate change, said the latest data reflected that scientists who were criticised as alarmists may have shown “perhaps too great a degree of reticence.”

“I think, unfortunately, this is an example that points more to the worst-case scenario side of things,” said Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University.   “There are a number of areas where in fact climate change seems to be proceeding faster and with a greater magnitude than what the models predicted,” Mann told AFP.  “The sea ice decline is perhaps the most profound of those cautionary tales because the models have basically predicted that we shouldn’t see what we’re seeing now for several decades,” he added.”

Outrageous isn’t it?  But, what can you do about it?  Well, you can share this page, you can join our ever-growing protest on Facebook , you can boycott Fairfax’s publications, and you can avoid stuff.co.nz.  Oh, and please tell your friends!   Kia ora New Zealand.





Roy Morgan: New Zealand unemployment was 9.1% with a further 9.6% of workforce under-employed

Scoop.co.nz:  New Zealand Real Unemployment at 9.1%

Tumeke: NZ real unemployment rate 9.1%?

NZ Herald: Record Arctic ice melt ‘like a giant slushie’

Fairfax Media: Today in politics: Tuesday, August 28

Fairfax Media: Beneficiary drug testing plans unveiled

Radio NZ: Hillside shouldn’t be broken up – Labour

ODT: ‘Crying shame’ if Hillside closed





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  1. Matt
    29 August 2012 at 11:51 am

    There wasn’t any mention of this month’s announced A$2.7 billion loss of Fairfax in any of the NZ Fairfax rags. I went looking in the business news sections of a few of them. Couldn’t find it. You’d think that would be news.

    • Theodore
      29 August 2012 at 12:15 pm

      Well said Matt.
      I stopped buying the Dominion Post last year. They’ve become less relevant to me and more of a mouthpiece for the Nats. I’ll be damned if I pay to read National party propaganda.

  2. mcclairy
    29 August 2012 at 12:40 pm

    Same here with Grannie Herald….couldn’t stomach the blatant propaganda, just ruined my day ! What good news……Fairfax losses A$2.7b, now that has made my day.
    What don’t they understand in govt? What are they smoking? Need to drug test the Nats….but where I have come from it was not austerity in the 30-40’s which dragged us out of poverty but full employment, free education, affordable GP’s and free hospital treatments when required and a state housing system that even catered for the professional classes as there were near nil housing for private rent. And that Child benefit, now called tax credits, if you are lucky…..what a difference that made to families.

  3. Sunshine Pa & Ma
    2 September 2012 at 10:19 am

    No wonder we got over 220 applications for a job vacancy we advertised. We had to take the phone off the hook after the second day.

  4. Theodore
    2 September 2012 at 12:34 pm

    Matt :

    There wasn’t any mention of this month’s announced A$2.7 billion loss of Fairfax in any of the NZ Fairfax rags. I went looking in the business news sections of a few of them. Couldn’t find it. You’d think that would be news.

    Agreed, Matt. You’d think the media would’ve made this a major story! But they’re more interested in Sally Ridge’s tits, it seems.

  5. 3 May 2013 at 11:24 am

    “Beneficiery drug testing plans unveiled”. Isn’t alcohol a drug ? Maybe Aaaron ‘Don’t you know who I am’ Gilmore is unfit for a job in parliament ? That would possibly mean all the Natz boozing their way throughout the conference in Hanmer are surplus to requirements if ‘drug tested’ – On my wish list. As for the NZ MSM gave that away a couple of years ago with Fran O’Sullivan and John Roughan leading the charge followed by Armstrong who can only manage to damn the Natz with faint praise. Why even the Listener these days is a poor cousin to the Listener of old who once upon a time packed in the critiques, no matter which party was in power. What would we do without the internet for some good ol’ progressive news at home and abroad.

  6. 3 May 2013 at 12:30 pm

    “Beneficiery drug testing plans unveiled”. Isn’t alcohol a drug ? Maybe Aaaron ‘Don’t you know who I am’ Gilmore is unfit for a job in parliament ? ”

    Whoa, good point!!!!

    I may have to use that point, Mcclairy! (Hat-tipped to you, of course.)

  1. 8 November 2012 at 2:02 pm

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