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John Key – Practicing Deflection 101


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As much as this blogger wholeheartedly  supports  the concept of legalised euthanasia – with safeguards similar to that in The Netherlands – I view Dear Leader’s comments on Newstalk ZB earlier this week with contempt and disdain.

This is a shameful attempt at using a highly emotive issue for political ends to deflect from National’s on-going political ineptness and mis-management of the economy.

Let’s not forget;

  • unpopular asset sales
  • growing inequality in incomes
  • rising unemployment
  • on-going victimisation of unemployed, solo-mums (but never solo-dads), and other welfare beneficiaries
  • rising number of fatalities in Afghanisatan
  • cutting the state sector and social services
  • privatisation-by-stealth of our prisons, schools, and other state services
  • inability to address alcohol abuse by not implementing all 150 recommendations from the Law Commission
  • more people leaving New Zealand
  • a stall reconstruction of Christchurch
  • falling wages
  • and increasing child poverty

These are the matters that National is trying desperately to deflect our attention from.

These are the issues that National is failing badly to address.



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