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Guest Author: Bennett’s child poverty shocker ignored by Stuff

– Neil Watts,  Blogger, Fearfactsexposed

July 16, 2012


Fairfax avoid today’s leading political news, again.

Fairfax Media have yet again applied their eerie “1984″ technique of ignoring big news when it is likely to cost the National Party votes.

Yesterday’s outbursts in Parliament from “Social Development” Minister Paula Bennett, in which she made flippant remarks about child poverty, was leading the political news at other, more moderate media today, but there wasn’t a word about it from Gina Rinehart’s Fairfaxian double-thinkers at

The New Zealand Herald ran the story under the headline, “Bennett slammed over child poverty claim”, while Radio New Zealand used Speaker Lockwood Smith’s assessment that “Bennett’s behaviour was worse than a three-year-old”.  Such newsworthy fair would delight any real news editor, and is indeed the sort of hard-edged information that has traditionally sold newspapers.  But, over at Fairfax – where news values takes a back seat to partisan loyalty to the National Party – readers were denied anything at all on Bennett’s latest lapse of judgement.

In fact, avoiding the worst of Paula Bennett’s ourageous, reactionary bile over the years, has effectively made this Minister a one-woman credibility disaster for Fairfax Media, who appear to simply groan and then bury their Rightwing heads in the sand every time a National Party member makes an embarassing gaff.

I won’t pretend otherwise; Paula Bennett truly disgusts me.   That’s the only way I can describe the feeling that fills my stomach every time I’m reminded of her existence.  Aside from being a despicable bully and a nasty little fascist, her role in cultivating policies that contribute to child poverty is abhorrent. Denying child poverty is even worse.  She makes ‘Ministry of Social Development’ sound nothing short of Orwellian, and embodies all that is vulgar and immoral about the current Government.   To see a major news corporation avoid the worst of her faux pas is simpy offensive to fair-minded and thinking New Zealanders.

Fairfax’s coverage of Bennett’s bullying of beneficiaries three years ago was woefully inadequate at the time, and they seem to be deflecting any criticism this time around by distracting readers with one of those dodgy, un-scrutinized on-line polls about whether beneficieries should be drug testesd; cue their army of brainwashed, redneck readers, dog-whistled into beneficiery bashing action.

Come on New Zealand!  We need NEWS from our news media, not daily doses of Rightwing propaganda.  Please help make a difference by sharing this blog, boycotting Fairfax’s publications, avoiding, joining us on facebook (Fearfacts) and telling your friends to do the same.  Kia ora.


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