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John Key and his “priorities”

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Of all the things that John Key has done badly; off all his slip-ups; stuff-ups; and gaffes… this one takes the cake.

What kind of leader of a country misses the funerals of two servicemen; slain on a battlefield; so that he can go watch his kid play a game of baseball?!

This simply beggars belief.

Lance Corporal Pralli Durrer (26) and Lance Corporal Rory Malone (26) were posted to Afghanistan as part of New Zealand’s policy to assist our allies. Both men were there at the behest of the government of this country.

Lance Corporal  Durrer  and Lance Corporal  Malone both made the ultimate sacrifice; their lives ended abruptly, and neither will enjoy the things that John Key has; family, career, nor any other achievements ahead of them.

The least that John Key could do is to make his own   sacrifice – one so much smaller than what these two men have made – and do the decent thing:  pay his respects at their funerals.

It is beyond understanding that a man of John Key’s supposed intelligence cannot understand where his true priorities should lie.

In December 2010, John Key couldn’t get down to the West Coast fast enough to attend the memorial service,  for the 29 men lost at Pike River Mine.

See: New Zealanders stop to join memorial for Pike River miners

I somehow doubt he would’ve declined to attend, because he wanted to watch his kid play a game of baseball!?!?

Message to John Key: You are the Prime Minister.  You represent the government of this country. The men and women who serve overseas  do so at the behest of the government.

I cannot believe that I have to remind you, Mr Prime Minister, where your primary duty lies.

Your decision to attend a baseball game is inexcusable and if you have to be reminded of what your priority should be, then you are not fit to lead this country.

You must carry out your responsibilities and attend those funerals.

Shirking your duty  is not an option.

Regardless of what we think of our involvement in Afghanistan, I believe John Key still has certain responsibilities. Going to a baseball game is not one of them.




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