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Citizen A – 27 June 2012 – Online now!


Citizen A


– 27 June 2012 –


– Matthew Hooton & Dr Wayne Hope –



Issue 1 : John Key releases his latest 10 point plan for the country ‘s public services – are his aspirations realistic or ridiculous?

Issue 2: Labour strikes back – Cunliffes third speech given in West Auckland is aimed at stemming the voter flow to the Greens – will it succeed?

Issue 3: What now for public broadcasting with TVNZ7 shut down in 2 days time.

Citizen A broadcasts 7pm Thursday Triangle TV – This blogger recommends ‘Citizen A’ as intelligent analysis of current affairs.


Acknowledgement (republished with kind permission)




= fs =

  1. 4 July 2012 at 10:58 am

    JK’s Aspirational BS line….like his catching up with Oz/Stopping the Brain Drain to OZ. It takes the citizens mind off really serious things happening via “gambler” Key.
    e,g Why has he appointed a WB -World Bankster – to lead the Reserve Bank. Joined at the hip with IMF which is all about increasing a country’s debt, un-payable interest rates and then forced to privatize everything that moves. After Energy along comes water up for sale.
    This Key con man, carpet bagger is still working for his former employers ML now absorbed into Bank of America who are also absorbed into Goldman Sachs. ML in particular has a large privatization department still operating.
    Ignore his rambling aspirations and follow Key’s hidden agendas.

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