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League Tables that really count!



A Real League Table:


New Zealand’s Most Trusted Professions 2011


1. Firefighters

2. Rescue volunteers

3. Paramedics

4. Pilots

5. Nurses

6. Medical specialists

7. Pharmacists

8. Veterinarians

9. Armed Forces

10. GPs

11. Police

12. Teachers

13. Scientists

14. Farmers

15. Childcare workers

16. Judges

17. Bus/train/tram drivers

18. Chefs

19. Dentists

20. Psychologists/counsellors

21. Hairdressers

22. Plumbers

23. Waiters

24. Mechanics

25. Builders

26. Cleaners

27. Shop assistants

28. Religious ministers

29. Charity collectors

30. Bankers

31. Accountants

32. Taxi drivers

33. Tow truck drivers

34. CEOs

35. Financial planners

36. Lawyers

37. Celebrities

38. Journalists

39. Real estate agents


40. Car Salesmen*

41. Sex workers*

42. Politicians*

43. Telemarketers*

* From 2010 Survey, appended to this list.

See:  Reader’s Digest New Zealand’s Most Trusted Professions 2011

See:  Reader’s Digest New Zealand’s Most Trusted Professions 2010

It seems a bit unfair that telemarketers are ranked below politicians.  Telemarketers are simply trying to earn money to put food on their families tables.

And interesting that sex-workers rank above politicians. At least with sex workers, you know when you’re being ‘screwed’*?

At the same time, whilst politicians are second from the bottom of this League Table – teachers rate at #12, between Police and Scientists!

This blogger makes the point that politicians should be looking at themselves and why they rate lower than prostitutes, in the public eye, rather than constantly attacking teachers and our education system.

The only system that is ‘broke’ is not in our schools – it is with our elected representatives.

John Key may crow that his party won the ‘biggest victory’ under MMP – but he’s missing a salient point. People only voted for him and/or National because a whole bunch of voters couldn’t be bothered fighting against misleadingly high poll ratings.

Ok – politicians are at the bottom of this League Table of professions.

So what do they intend to do about it?


* No offence intended to sex workers.




Acknowledgement for idea for this blogpost

Katherine Raue




= fs =

  1. Sentient Headmounted Laser
    20 June 2012 at 12:54 pm

    No software developers :<

    Eh, i still rock in at 12/13. But just remember, your money, information and identity security all depend on us more and more as the infrastructure is moved more and more to cyberspace. You'd better trust us, because if you don't you're f!!ked…

  2. 20 June 2012 at 1:39 pm


    I send you half a dozen goats and my first-born…


  3. XYZ
    27 June 2012 at 2:15 am


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