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Guest Author: Judith Collins Says From Bright Red Vintage Convertible, “They want to portray me as a rich little white woman”

Occupy New Zealand media team

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



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The recent NZ Listener article about ACC Minister Judith Collins is off the charts. Their profile of her (May 5-11 2012 edition) features a one and a half page colour photo of her driving a bright red vintage convertible. Shocking quotes in the article include;

I am not there to make their lives easy.” (of her opponents)

“They want to portray me as a rich little white woman from middle-class New Zealand” – this from a Minister posing in a sports car like some kind of deranged model for the quintessential mid-life crisis. Guyon Espiner describes her residence as an “immaculate Maraetai home she has scrubbed spotless”. Later in the article Guyon observes “…beyond the ranch slider and the spacious deck, the sea sparkles invitingly like the diamonds on her fingers.”


The Listener says she denies there is ‘internecine warfare within the National Party… then quotes her as saying “It’s sort of like friendly fire”, making it clear that behind the scenes things aren’t quite so peachy as they’d have us believe.

The most shocking quote in this article though, is when it refers to a previous Listener interview with Collins in 2006, in which she claimed her tactic of leaking stories to the media required no apology. They quote her as saying;, “I do ring people up and give them stories, because, gee, I guess I think that’s my job…”. She bragged of her “friendly and open” relationships with the media.

WHAT. THE. F$%&.

Since when is it a Ministers JOB to leak stories to the media? Can someone please explain this insanity? Doesn’t that defy everything we expect of a Minister? If we’re wrong and it’s totally cool, don’t they at least have some PR lackeys that can sit around ringing morally corrupt journos, feeding them pre-set agendas masked as ‘stories’??

The deeper we get into the article, the more we despair. Especially when Collins broaches the subject of poverty. “We do have poverty but attitude is really important..” she says. “The poverty of which I speak is a poverty of responsibility. A poverty of courage, a poverty of truth, a poverty of love, a poverty of faith.”

Which makes us want to stand her in front of a hungry child & see how many of the aforementioned words fill its mouth with food.

We suspect none.

The article repeatedly brings up her willingness to have a QC sue anyone who crosses her. To the extent that Guyon writes; “You can’t call politicians liars, especially ones who might hire a QC in response.”

Well guess what Ms Collins. We are calling you on your bullshit. You want to grin $10,000 worth of teeth into a camera from a bright red sports car then wax lyrical about being misunderstood as middle-class – well perhaps you are right.

We think, Ms Collins, that you are not middle class. How do we know that? Because the real middle class is currently fighting to stay in existence.

You are in fact: the 1%. Wholly complicit in the fleecing of our country, currently underway by National.

We, the tangata, will not forget.




Occupy Saavy


Fairfax: ACC saga: Opposition divided over Collins’ future

TV3:  Collins’ taxpayer-funded petrol bills top $11,000



= fs =

  1. 16 June 2012 at 12:39 pm

    Yes, i was also struck by the incongruity of picture and text. Like John Key’s latest photo https://fmacskasy.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/fairfax-an-hour-with-dear-leader/ used for the Stuff Q & A thing, it appeals to a certain demographic. Judith has the wind in her hair, a racy, red motor, a nice seaview in her life, yep, it’s the middle class dream all right. The Key one is straight out of the box marked George Clooney Looking Suave, with flash watch/coffeemaker/men’s bling, used to adorn, full-page, upmarket magazines. This guy also wants us to believe he is the Champion of Struggle Street. Snort!

  2. Priss
    16 June 2012 at 2:07 pm

    All I can see is a frumpy woman bearing down on me in a flashy car. The image sez to me “I’m rich, your not, piss off poor people!”.

  3. D.
    16 June 2012 at 8:23 pm

    ‘Middle class,’ my arse. If I lived in an immaculate house in Maraetai from which I could see the glittering sea, that would place me in the 1% IMO.

    This is the woman who thinks she knows what its like to live on the minimum wage because she worked at Hannahs in her uni holidays.

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