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National – The End is Nigh (Part #Toru)



The latest polls are out – and as this blogger has been predicting, National is in free-fall,

National – 45.8%  (down 4)

Labour – 33.2%  (up 3.8)

Greens – 14.4% (up 0.3

NZ First – 2.8% (up 0.5)

ACT -0.5% (up 0.3)

Maori Party – 1.4% (down 0.2)

Mana – 1% (N/C)

United Future – 0% (N/C)

Conservative party – 1.1% (N/C)

See:  Poll  – Labour could form Government

This rotten government will be out of office shortly.  Banks will lose Epsom and Peter Dunne’s hair will suffer a structural collapse. If the Maori Party manages to keep their three electorates, it will be a miracle.

We are looking at a Labour/Green-led government to replace an ineffectual right wing government that has done very little except,

  • Cut taxes for the rich
  • Borrow to make up the shortfall in taxation revenue
  • Hope that the ‘Market’ will deliver jobs and growth
  • And day after day see more of our kids off to Australia

Aside from their most blind supporters, the middle class are abandoning National. People are finally beginning to see that  this government has no plans for job growth and no vision for our society except to sell state assets to Mum and Dad investors…

… though Mum and Dad investors are currently too pre-occupied with  losing their homes to worry much about whether to choose shares in Meridian or Might River Power,

See: More people losing the family home

Meanwhile, unemployment continues to rise, and even National’s figures for potential new jobs created by a new Convention Centre, built by Sky City in return for 500 more pokies, turn out to be dodgy,

See: Puzzle of Key’s extra casino jobs

A new government will have it’s work cut out for it. National has neglected the economy and social problems for three and a half years, and has cut state services to the point where their ongoing effectiveness is in question.

Let’s hope it’ll be another decade before voters flirt with another Tory government.



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  1. 11 June 2012 at 10:07 am

    People are getting turned off by his arrogance and his ministers incompetence and the country’s stagnation.Good to see pollsters starting to show their methodology but would be better if they identified how these people were contacted, land-line, mobile, Internet breakdown would be interesting.

  2. Jena
    13 June 2012 at 9:54 am

    If that in part is due to outrage against increased class sizes, we need to gain momentum against asset sales. When you are feeling the chill of winter, think how much your electricity will cost after overseas owners get the shares and demand outrageous profits. Let’s continue National’s free fall and send their “support” below 40%.

  3. 13 June 2012 at 10:02 am

    @ Denny – Indeed, it would be interesting to know how respondents were contacted. In my (much) younger days I did some work for MRL Research. We used to go door-to-door to get our survey data.

    These days, I understand it is all done by phoneline – missing out those with cellphones and other factors.

    It’s interesting that National’s election night result of 47.31% was nowhere reflected by polls that had the Nats anywhere from 50% to 56% the preceding months.

    @ Jenny B – I’m picking that as the first asset sale nears, public odium on National will grow. Their free fall in the polls may accelerate to such a death-dive that they may not proceed past the first one…

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