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The Shining Path according to Dear Leader (Part Toru)


With infinite largesse, Dear Leader has  consented to answering questions from the Great Unwashed Masses,




Not one to pass up an opportunity to reaffirm my fealty and unswerving obedience to Beloved Dear Leader, this blogger has fired off a quick email to with questions as to why we are so lucky to be gifted his Enlightened and Benevolent  Leadership.

Well, kinda.

The actual email, posing two questions which I believe merit an honest (*snort!*) response from John Key,


Subject:  Questions for the Prime Minister
Date:  Monday, 11 June, 2012 9:22 PM
From: “Frank Macskasy” <>
To: “Stuff” <>

I have two questions for the Prime Minister;

1. On 11 June, in response to your backdown on increasing classroom sizes, you said;

    “But, you know, governments from time to time adjust policies . . . if we never listen to people and never take on board what they’re saying then there is an argument for that as well – and that’s called arrogance.  And I think we’re a lot of things as a government, but we’re not arrogant.”

If you are prepared to listen to public opposition to increasing classroom sizes, and call that “adjusting policies” – why are you remaining stubborn in the face of public opposition to the part-sale of state owned assets. By ignoring public opinion on this contentious issue, how can you say “but we’re not arrogant”?

2. Why will you not fund life-saving medication for sufferers of Pompe’s disease, as you promised  to fully-fund herceptin treatment for breast cancer sufferers in 2008 during the election campaign? Pompe’s disease is just as terminal as breast cancer. Why the discrimination saving some lives and not others?

-Frank Macskasy
“Frankly Speaking”


Dunno why I bothered, really. I think we all know what we’re going to get in response,




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The Shining Path according to Dear Leader (Part Rua)

11 June 2012 2 comments



Upon Dear Leader’s return to New Zealand, he has waded into the debacle of classroom sizes and teacher numbers by insisting that National’s policies were sound – and it was only us plebs who didn’t understand the wisdom of their policies.

Dear Leader pronounced, from atop the Mount  as he received instruction from Heavenly Father,

”  It’s the right policy, but if you don’t have parent support and you can’t get some reasonable buy-in from the sector, then you run the risk of industrial action which undermines the rest of your education system and I think, in the context of a $10 billion spend for what was a $40 million policy, it just wasn’t worth it. “

See:  Key: We were right, despite U-turn

Then he added,

But, you know, governments from time to time adjust policies . . . if we never listen to people and never take on board what they’re saying then there is an argument for that as well – and that’s called arrogance.

And I think we’re a lot of things as a government, but we’re not arrogant.”


Does anyone check Key’s gormless utterance before he releases them to the public?!?!

Honestly – “ but we’re not arrogant.”

Oh reallly?!?!

Not arrogrant?

Pray tell, Dear Leader; if governments from time to time adjust policies and you’re willing to take on board what they’re saying – will you be abandoning state asset sales?

Because as sure as most of the public was opposed to increased classroom sizes and cutting teacher-numbers – a similar number are opposed to asset sales as well.

Or, Dear Leader, will you be arrogant ?




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The Shining Path according to Dear Leader (Part Tahi)



After a damning interview on TV3’s ‘60 Minutes‘, Bronwyn Pullar and ex-National Party president, Michelle Boag, left the viewer in little doubt that there were serious concerns surrounding ACC’s management and Judith Collin’s handling of the entire affair.

See: TV3 60 Minutes  -The Eye of the Storm

The following day (11 June) John Key commented on Bronwyn Pullar’s conflict with ACC by stating,

What is clear is that ACC deals with a huge number of complaints, a huge amount of data and there are always people who feel the system hasn’t treated them fairly and that is partly because the big dispute always comes around the definition of a pre-existing condition.

That at one level is at the heart of what sits with this Bronwyn Pullar claim.”

See: PM wades into ACC Pullar debate


Since when did Dear Leader become privy to Ms Pullar’s personal file to such an extent that he could utter pronouncements that she had a “pre-existing condition ” ?!

Not since Welfare Minister, Paula Bennett, accessed and mis-used the personal files of two women on the domestic purposes benefit has a Minister referred to a private citizens personal details.

See:  Hypocrisy – thy name be National

Dear Leader’s desperation is becoming obvious when he becomes a self-professed expert on medical “pre existing conditions” and attempts to mis-use his position of Ministerial authority to try to dis-credit a critic of his administration.

Rob Muldoon would’ve been proud.

A word to the wise, Dear Leader – keep your nose out of other people’s business and their personal files.



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National – The End is Nigh (Part #Toru)

11 June 2012 3 comments



The latest polls are out – and as this blogger has been predicting, National is in free-fall,

National – 45.8%  (down 4)

Labour – 33.2%  (up 3.8)

Greens – 14.4% (up 0.3

NZ First – 2.8% (up 0.5)

ACT -0.5% (up 0.3)

Maori Party – 1.4% (down 0.2)

Mana – 1% (N/C)

United Future – 0% (N/C)

Conservative party – 1.1% (N/C)

See:  Poll  – Labour could form Government

This rotten government will be out of office shortly.  Banks will lose Epsom and Peter Dunne’s hair will suffer a structural collapse. If the Maori Party manages to keep their three electorates, it will be a miracle.

We are looking at a Labour/Green-led government to replace an ineffectual right wing government that has done very little except,

  • Cut taxes for the rich
  • Borrow to make up the shortfall in taxation revenue
  • Hope that the ‘Market’ will deliver jobs and growth
  • And day after day see more of our kids off to Australia

Aside from their most blind supporters, the middle class are abandoning National. People are finally beginning to see that  this government has no plans for job growth and no vision for our society except to sell state assets to Mum and Dad investors…

… though Mum and Dad investors are currently too pre-occupied with  losing their homes to worry much about whether to choose shares in Meridian or Might River Power,

See: More people losing the family home

Meanwhile, unemployment continues to rise, and even National’s figures for potential new jobs created by a new Convention Centre, built by Sky City in return for 500 more pokies, turn out to be dodgy,

See: Puzzle of Key’s extra casino jobs

A new government will have it’s work cut out for it. National has neglected the economy and social problems for three and a half years, and has cut state services to the point where their ongoing effectiveness is in question.

Let’s hope it’ll be another decade before voters flirt with another Tory government.



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