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The Union Report – 28 May 2012 – Online now!


The Union Report


– 28 May 2012 –


– Annie Newman & CTU Economist Dr Bill Rosenberg –



Issue 1: How does a zero budget impact on workers and public servants.  Bill English claims we all liked it, really?

Issue 2: What will the living wage campaign do for social justice in NZ?

and Issue 3: How does Iwi involvement in the Affco industrial dispute change the wider dialogue for labour relations in NZ?


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Correction, minister?!



It appears that there may be other hidden “fish hooks” in the 2012 Budget.

The Corrections 2012 Budget states several  lofty goals, such as,

  • 33,100 additional offenders receiving new and expanded drug and alcohol treatment in prisons and in the community (an increase of almost 500 per cent).
  • 7,855 additional prisoners and community offenders receiving new and expanded rehabilitation services (a 230 per cent increase).
  • 2,950 additional prisoners in education and employment training (a 30 per cent increase).
  • 7,500 prisoners and community offenders to be supported to find real jobs, in new partnerships with employers and industry.
  • 41,100 community offenders receiving new rehabilitation support provided directly by probation officers
  • 4,120 prisoners and community offenders in new rehabilitation services delivered in partnership with iwi and community groups.
  • 6,000 prisoners and community based offenders accessing new reintegration support programmes from iwi and community groups.

According to Minister of Corrections, Anne Tolley,

A 25 per cent reduction in reoffending is bold but achievable, and Budget 2012 delivers on our promise to make communities safer.

These schemes are be  funded by “reprioritising spending“, between    $65  million and $145 million  in operating expenditure over the next four years.

See:  Budget 2012: Reducing reoffending, victims of crime

A source has revealed to this blogger that part of that “reprioritised spending” will be cutting Dept of Corrections’ anti-corruption staff from their current eight investigators, to only four – a 50%  reduction.

All eight of the investigators will  be required to re-apply for their jobs by 24 June, and is part of a much larger ‘re-structuring’ of Corrections, where up to 150 prison officers and other staff will have to re-apply for their jobs.

It is this anti-corruption team that recently investigated allegations of corruption amongst Corrections staff at Rimutaka prison.

If true, this is yet another example of National breaking it’s committments to the public that no frontline staff will be affected  in National’s cuts to state sector workers. In effect,  another of National’s lies.

As parents and teachers are now discovering to their disgust and dismay, national will be cutting teaching numbers from various schools – mostly technology staff.

It is only a matter of time befire these cuts to social and state services will be begin to impact on our communities, and our quality of life.

This is not a “Brighter Future“.




Email to the Minister

Date: Wednesday, 30 May, 2012 12:10 PM
From: “Frank Macskasy” <>
To:”Anne Tolley” <>
Subject: Cuts to corrections staff – please confirm

Dear Ms Tolley,

Can you please confirm  that part of that “reprioritised spending” will be cutting Dept of Corrections’s anti-corruption staff from their current eight investigators, to only four – a 50% in reduction.

According to my source, all eight of the investigators with be required to re-apply for their jobs by 24 June, along with 150 other Correctiions staff.

If this information is accurate, please explain how cutting corruption investigators and prison officers is not reducing front-line staff?


-Frank Macskasy
“Frankly Speaking”


Subject: Thank you for your email
Date: Wednesday, 30 May, 2012 12:31 PM
From: “Hon. Anne Tolley (MIN)” <>
To: “Frank Macskasy” <>
On behalf of Hon Anne Tolley, thank you for your email which has been received by this office.  Your correspondence has been noted and will be recorded.

Your email will be forwarded to the Minister for consideration, and a response will be sent as soon as possible.  However, if your email is bringing some information to the attention of the Minister, please regard this as a final response to your email.

Kind regards

The Office of Hon Anne Tolley



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