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National Party Supporters and their Empathy for a woman with a terminal disease



National supporters seem somewhat antagonistic – especially if someone dares criticise their Dear Leader.

In another insight into the psyche of the National supporter’s mind, this Blog presens this post from John Key’s  Facebook page. It starts of with an image from National’s regional conference, held at the up-market Wairakei Resort.

Another Facebook User, Ms Allyson Lock, was not impressed. And she made her feelings known in a somewhat innocuous  post.

It drew an instant, venomous response from National groupies and John Key sycophants.

Even after they discovered that Ms Lock was suffering from a terminal disease; that she and her fellow sufferer’s of Pompe’s Disease had been consistently ignored by this government; John Key has not shown the same concerns he expressed to breast cancer sufferers in 2008; and that her disease was terminal – many of the National supports showed an utter lack of empathy and caring. Many were contemptuous of Ms Lock and her condition.

Is this the core culture of  National – an extreme selfishness and uncaring with is borderline sociopathic?

I let the reader decide.


John Key


I’ve just updated our Central North Island supporters on National’s plan for a Brighter Future, getting a great reception
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    • Max TweedieThat sentence is an oxymoron.

    • Allyson LockWairakei resort eh, pretty flash! I guess us Kiwis are paying for that? No wonder there’s no money for Kiwis who have Pompe disease and need treatment! Brighter future? What a crock!

    • Jonathan AllenChip on your shoulder much Allyson?

    • Tyrone BarughAllyson, it’s a party conference. The party’s donors and supporters itself pay for conferences and events like this. Not parliamentary services, not the taxpayer.

    • Sean Harleygod save the queen.

    • Tim ShielsAllyson, National Party regional conferences are paid for by National Party members, not that taxpayer.

    • Mark Stephen TerryBrighter future? John, are you finally installing skylights in the Beehive?

    • Campbell Downiebright future… if your in the top 10 percent… shame new zealand will only have rich and poor in its future and no middle ground… the middle ground is leaving John… cant you see that ??????

    • Allyson LockOne on yours Jonathon? You might want to ask WHY i made that comment before you take a swing at me.

    • Allyson LockWell i’m glad to hear that Tyrone. I’m sick of my taxes being spent on soirees for the government!

    • Matt PaullOMG people, do you really think for one that he reads these comments, and secondly that he personally runs this Facebook page and uploads photo’s? Jesus christ

    • Allyson LockJohn Key only reads and reacts to what suits him Matt.

    • Ailsa UreWhy should one man, who with many others, is tryingto do his best for our country under difficult world conditions, be held responsible for my or your individual success or failure? Try to build up, not tear down!

    • Tyrone BarughClearly not. The PM has more important and less delegable things to do with his time. Does that matter? No – people are still engaging, which is good.

    • Jonathan AllenWhy would I ask why? Couldn’t care less.

    • Stephen KeastWhat a bunch of idiots. Take your hate somewhere else, no one wants to hear it. If you have no money then do us all a favour stop paying for your internet subscription.

    • Stephen KeastAlisa is right. He’s the leader of the country. He’s not responsible for personally fixing all of your problems. Your attitude is appalling Allyson. Build up, not tear down…. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Margi Nutmeg Huzzah MacMurdoYes Stephen, Freedom of speech and lively discourse is most certainly not welcome in the ideologue sausage mill!

    • Chris CampbellSome people will complain regardless of the party leading the country and their political orientation. Only when they are handed a quality of life to those ‘above’ them will they ever appear satisfied – they are prime candidates for illustrating New Zealand’s epidemic of tall-poppy syndrome. However, class equality is very much infeasible (if you agree with the concept so much, take a look at Soviet Russia or China). John and his party are doing a stellar job, and those knocking them typically do not understand the rationale behind decisions made, expect instant results, and/or are delusional left-wingers.

    • Marc BaileyOr are still all up on Uncle Helen’s D to see that the best man for the job right now is doing a pretty stellar job.

    • Di Bottchergr8 statement chris 🙂

    • Allyson LockStephen, my attitude is appalling? How dare you! I have a fatal disease which has a treatment available, John Key won’t even reply to my to my letters begging for this treatment to be funded. This treatment has been approved for use in NZ, but NOT funded! There are 5 of us in this country condemned to death because of John Key and his cronies! So, Stephen, WHICH is most appalling? My ATTITUDE, or John Key’s lack of care? A brighter future for ME? I DON’T THINK SO! And before you slate me even further, if it was your son, daughter, Mum or Dad, sister or brother with this disease, would you have the same attitude?

    • Allyson LockAnd if you couldn’t care less Jonathon, why make your petty statement in the first place?

    • Les RobinsonSounds like the 5 of you Allyson need to get down to Parliment and stand your ground and prove to them you need the medicines to survive..if in front of him he wont ignore..

    • Chris CampbellLetters directly to John Key? That’s what your local MP is for.

    • Di BlackAllyson Lock, your attitude is appalling. I have a nasty illness too but I don’t blame John Key for it.

    • Allyson LockWe’ve done that Les, got escorted out by security.

    • Allyson LockHave done that Chris, no go there either.

    • Allyson LockDi, i don’t blame John Key for my illness at all. Why on earth do you think that? What I need is medication to help me. Do you get medication for your nasty illness? I hope there is a medication to help you. There is for me, John Key won’t make money available through Pharmac to fund it. That’s my beef!

    • Mark GrayAllyson bugger off to the whinging labour facebook page, plenty of negative losers over their with the “poor me”, “give me everything for free” syndrome. And no I dont care about your illness, everyones got problems. Some of us just choose to get on with it. This page about the great things JK and national are doing. Keep up the great work Mr Key.

    • Allyson LockGee Mark, i sure hope you never get an illness that you need treatment for. And i’m not a labour voter, i actually voted for Key. And i don’t ask for “everything”. My husband works full time in the military and works more hours than most people do in a week. So why don’t you bugger off Mark? I’m not a negative loser, but you certainly know how to put the boot into someone when they need help. Yaay for you, hope you feel really good about yourself.

    • Rachel LodewykThanks Allyson for standing up for,those who have medical conditions for,which there is treatment but no funding. Inherited conditions can strike anyone at anytime… Especially rare ones. So for all of you commenting on Allyson’s remarks, this could be your child, grandchild or any family member. She is not asking for any special treatment just a chance at obtaining drug therapy that is available. NZ gives cancer treatment to smokers and drug treatment to diabetics who are obese… Smoking and over eating are by choice. Drunk drivers are cared for in our hospitals… I could go on… Those of us living with inherited conditions that are not our fault live,with the knowledge that governments promise assistance to get into power then do not follow through.

    • Allyson LockThank you Rachel, i know you understand our plight. I tell you, it gets hard to keep standing up to be counted when you receive so much negativity. I cannot beleive there are so many nasty people out there who absolutely do not give a toss about their fellow human beings. You’re right though, it can happen to ANYONE! God help them when it does, because this government won’t. I bet most of the people on this thread have been helped by medication or have a family member who has, and they take it without even thinking twice. Imagine if they knew this medication was out there, which could save their life, or the life of a loved one, but John Key said…NO! For those of you who have said my attitude is appalling, shame on you.

    • Rachel LodewykEveryone is one new born away from being in a situation where they need access to medicines that will save a babies life…. It is a shame it takes devastating news to bring them around.

    • Allyson LockYes it is a shame. I guess mans inhumanity to man is alive and well in NZ, right from John Key down. I also wonder how many mothers are reading this. How would they feel if it was one of their kids? How would they feel if they knew they would not live to see their kids finish high school? I wonder if just ONE person on this thread will think about it and feel ashamed enough of their nastiness to want to make a change and gain an understanding? I sure hope so. I think I can guess the ones that won’t. Sad.

    • Rachel LodewykThey live in a different world where the biggest problem is what to serve for dinner. I don’t understand why my life is the way it is… I just wish I could live in new Zealand AND my child could receive the medicines that are saving his life. But as long as some one some where is paying the bill… What does NZ care? We are no longer a burden on the government after 20years of paying taxes..

    • Allyson LockYes exactly Rachel! I actually am even surprised that some people in this thread actually admit to not giving a dam. Or maybe I should not be surprised? Shame on them. I bet not one of them will say “hey, let’s here your story, let’s see what we can all do to make NZ a better place for all Kiwis”.

    • Allyson Lockthat would be “hear” your story…

    • Steve LockAs usual the ignorant are willing to put the boot into someone who has made a negative comment about John Key. Mark Gray, Di Black and Jonathan Allen (who isnt even in NZ) are quite happy to slam someone for raising a valid issue without even understanding it themselves. John Key is great at having his photo taken – he never misses an opportunity, but he wont stand up and do anything to help the people who actually need assistance. His MP’s are just as ineffective – there are over 50 other countries in the world that support people with the rare disease that Allyson has and that Rachels son is getting treatment for but John and his cronies like Tony Ryall continue to ignore our repeated request. Maybe there just arent enough votes in rare diseases to make them care

    • Stephen KeastAllyson, your first comment was “Wairakei resort eh, pretty flash! I guess us Kiwis are paying for that? No wonder there’s no money for Kiwis who have Pompe disease and need treatment! Brighter future? What a crock!”That sounds like a snobby little stuck up idiot with a bad attitude who is just an anti-government broken record.Perhaps you could pitch what is actually wrong with you and what you have done to try and get support before using your situation as flack against me? That would be much appreciated and you’d probably get a better reaction from others

    • Stephen KeastYou need to go to their door, either that of your local MP or the beehive and advocate for it if you want it funded for you. Otherwise private care is probably the only way. All the best for your future.

    • Stephen KeastThat or a good idea would be to write on the news pages’ walls… They would probably bite and do something useful for a change

    • Allyson LockStephen, I have been to the doors of parliament, and to the doors for my local (National) MP, no one is interested. I’m not a snobby little stuck up idiot, and I have not previously been an anti-government broken record. As previously mentioned, i voted for John Key. If you would like me to “pitch what is wrong with me” I will. I have a disease called “Pompe”. It is a fatal disease without treatment. Treatment for this disease is funded in nearly 60 countries worldwide. New Zealand, Australia and Wales seem to be the only “first world” countries dragging their heels on funding treatment even though enough evidence exists to show that treatment works. I have fundraised to get myself overseas to get on an experimental treatment because our government refuses to fund treatment for me and the other 4 people here in NZ with this disease. One of those people is my twin brother.

    • Allyson LockAlso Stephen, where is my attitude towards you appalling?

    • Stephen KeastWhat I’m getting as is that before you explained anything, you came across as just another person who seemed to think that party meetings should be held in some mud hut somewhere and that anyone that spent any sort of money was some kind of deranged dick. That to me is an appalling attitude.

    • Allyson LockI’m not going to make an apology for that considering the fact it’s not what I meant at all. And that said, do you find it “appalling” that the National government spend around $8million per year on cheauffeurs but ignore people with rare diseases who need treatment to survive?
    • 12 minutes ago


To those folk who support National and John Key – that is your democtratic right, and let no one take that away from you.

It is worthwhile, though, to pause for a moment and consider that political parties and their leaders are no infallible.  They can make mistakes.

When folk like Allyson Lock take time to share their feelings about the way our own government has treated someone (or, in this case, totally ignored her) – then it is worthwhile listening and trying to understand where she’s coming from.

If a business ignores their customer’s needs – those customers will go somewhere else. That business will suffer accordimngly.

If a Party in power ignores it’s constituents – the same principle can apply.

What is the point of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising, at election time, to attract voter-support – when in the intervening three years, your Party ignored the needs of constituents?

Ponder that, next time National drops in the polls.

And ponder that a modicum of compassion to one of your fellow Kiwis, who is facing an uncertain future, will not go amiss.

Ms Lock is simply  seeking her own “bright future”.




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  1. 20 May 2012 at 7:41 pm

    Such a sad and disgusting attitude from fellow Kiwis. What sort of country are we living in? I’m just blown away by this.

  2. 20 May 2012 at 8:47 pm

    I was pretty apalled as well, Allyson. It’s hard to believe such selfishness comes from our fellow citizens. Ye gods, if I ever had children like them, I’d send’em down to the Salvation Army to work amongst the down-and-outs, for a few weeks.

    Thankfully, there were a few, like Rachel Lodewyk, who demonstrated a bit more of the kiwi compassion that we take so much pride in.

  3. Giselle
    20 May 2012 at 9:17 pm

    @ Allyson

    Those comments were really disgusting and uncalled for! If that’s what National is all about I’ll be voting for someone else at the next election. It’ll be my first time voting. I’ll look at Labour or Winston Peters, but not National. Those idiots made me furious!

  4. HollyM
    20 May 2012 at 9:26 pm

    far out!! i thought stabs at solos was brutal.. Allson if you read this, i send many blessings to you and your family. people are disgusting in nz, but we do not all think like these foolish evil people. yes they are evil!! i hope they get back all the bad they gift out! get to the media if you can!! im going to share this and encourage everyone to read it. xox

    • 20 May 2012 at 10:08 pm

      I picked up a strong element of selfishness, bordering of sociopathy…

  5. HollyM
    20 May 2012 at 10:07 pm

    theres no excuse. not even the man who back-tracked and tried to explain off the abuse as allysons fault. A-typical sociopath/psychopath with mingling masochistic tendencies. thats what the mighty $$ religeon is reducing these people too. sad. ;{

  6. 20 May 2012 at 10:08 pm

    HollyM :

    theres no excuse. not even the man who back-tracked and tried to explain off the abuse as allysons fault. A-typical sociopath/psychopath with mingling masochistic tendencies. thats what the mighty $$ religeon is reducing these people too. sad. ;{

    I concur, Holly. If I were one of the Nat’s Party apparatchiks, I’d be deleting their comments quick-smart. It’s not a “good look” to advertise their Party as a club for budding socio/psychopaths…

  7. HollyM
    20 May 2012 at 10:30 pm

    i hope more of them pipe up loud and clear. (sorry allyson) but the more they show themselves the more disgust they will reap from within their own voters.

  8. 21 May 2012 at 10:13 am

    Darling stop attributing human emotions to those who are not capable of feeling them. They are psychopaths. Our Country is falling victim to a hostile takeover. Nothing this Govt does is an accident, they are embarking on a depopulation path. They are knowingly killing people with austerity, there is no accident this is an orchestrated plan.. The more people who leave NZ the better. Then they are able to sell our country to the highest bidder. Make no mistake, this is done on purpose.They are not incompetent at all, this is their plan. They know exactly what they are doing!

  9. 21 May 2012 at 10:44 am

    Sadly no surprise to me that the fully feral attitide towards anybody who is seen as ‘needy’ vulnerable or poor is supported by those who are incredibly still blind apparently & cannot see that John Key has no intention of creating a ‘brighter future’ for the majority of new Zealanders. This is why those who can, are leaving, and those of us remaining who are awake, need to highlight exactly what his asset sales & austerity agenda will mean for this country . You dont need to look hard, Cameron & Obama are doing it too. Anyone actually want to live in UK or USA now? Both are corrupt anti democratic and seem very likely to descend into very uncivil classwarfare riots again if things do not change soon too….
    All the best to Allyson, there are still many here thankfully from all walks of life, who do not subscribe to the selfish egocentric nastiness that is the NACT world in 2012 and we are working hard to change things every day and we know what we are doing too Karn ;-)…. Kia kaha..

  10. 21 May 2012 at 11:18 am

    A pretty typical response to other people’s misfortune. I feel for you Allyson. Many National supporters could learn the lesson from you that voting for them is no guarantee of a brighter future. I dare say your vote will be changing. I hope that the lot of them and their offspring end up in a similar situation. It will be a learning journey for them to see what lack of empathy feels like

  11. Ali
    21 May 2012 at 11:51 am

    I am so embarrassed Allyson. So many National supporters obviously feel the need to be superior and align themselves with what they perceive to be the winning team. I guess if they actually did acknowledge that people fall on hard circumstances due to no fault of their own then they might also feel the need to help and be supportive. That would require them to share so, NO, they just play the blame and greed game…… I can only hope something happens to make them question their dubious (to say the least) stance. Kia Kaha.

  12. Sheep Herder
    21 May 2012 at 12:12 pm

    Alyson – not all National voters are like those idiots. I’m a National voter. Always have been like my dad. But no way would I dream of responding to you like those idiots. Please accept my apology on their behalf.

    It’s not your fault you’ve got an illness. For what it’s worth I’ll write to John Key supporting your case for state funding for medical care.

  13. Theodore
    22 May 2012 at 9:42 am

    At least we can understand the mentality of National supporters (with exceptions, such as Sheepherder above).

    I’m glad you reposted this Frank. Hopefully others will read it and it it as offputting as we did.

  14. 22 May 2012 at 7:38 pm

    Thanks everyone. Sheep Herder, i would be so grateful if you would write to John Key.

  15. Sheep Herder
    22 May 2012 at 10:33 pm

    Alyson – will do.

  1. 14 May 2013 at 11:51 am

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