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“He will be a very good friend for you when he is in Parliament”


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“He will be a very good friend for you when he is in Parliament” – according to Kim Dotcom’s bodyguard, Wayne Tempero, just after taking a call from John  Banks, in July last year .

Banks had phoned on 30 July asking for another campaign donation – this time for his ACT candidacy for last year’s election.

Kim Dotcom replied in somewhat colourful terms, declining Bank’s request,

I do recall raising the issue of donating to the Act Party with Mr Dotcom’s staff … I was subsequently advised by one of his staff that Mr Dotcom said ‘to go get f****d as your Government has caused me too much trouble’ or something along those lines.” – John Banks, NZ Herald

What followed next is disputed by Banks – though his recall is at least somewhat more certain than previous allegations. Wayne Tempero wrote in an email to Dotcom,

I just had a call from John Banks about asking you for a small donation for the Act Party which he is standing for government this year…  he will be a very good friend for you when he is in Parliament“. – Ibid

“…he will be a very good friend for you when he is in Parliament.

Banks rejected Tempero’s claims,

Mr Tempero’s recollection of events is different to mine. I will not be responding to any further allegations made by Mr Tempero.”

At least Bank’s memory seems to be improving.

Though one wonders how he can recall this event, but not others?

John Banks may deny wrongdoing, but thus far,

  • Kim Dotcom’s story has held up to scrutiny
  • John Bank’s account has been less than credible and has changed with time
  • Kim Dotcom has provided witnesses and evidence to his claims
  • John Banks has only a dodgy “memory”

It seems that money can buy you “friends”? Especially in high places?

If this is not an indication of a hint of corruption in politics – then what is? Is this how ‘business’ is done in ACT – and National?

It certainly seems like it. Especially when we recall this questionable event,


Full Story


Frank Macskasy blog Frankly Speaking

Full Story

The upshot of  the BMW story is that National received a $50,000 donation from BMW Team McMillan after National decided to go ahead and replace their ministerial limousine fleet.

It’s nice to have friends in high places.


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