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Man of the Year? I guess not.


Four days ago, Peter Dunne’s website contained this poll,




It appears that poll has become an embarressment  for  Dunne, who is supporting National on partial asset-sales, and someone has removed it from United Future’s website. The link to the polls – http://www.unitedfuture.org.nz/do-you-support-john-keys-proposal-for-the/poll.do – now goes to this page,



A lot of white space, and not much else.

Which is a shame, as the deleted poll also contained many sensible, well-formulated, and temperate comments explaining why people were opposed to partial privatisation of our SOEs.

It is fairly obvious that Peter Dunne is no longer interested in public opinion and by removing the poll (and people’s comments), he has shown total contempt for his constituents. Like the arrogance shown by John Key and John Banks, Dunne has shown his true colours.

I wonder what the voters in Ohariu must feel that their own MP dismisses their views so easily?

At the next election, Dunne will have some explaining to do. This blogger will be there to ask those questions and remind voters of Dunne’s contempt for them.





Whilst Dunne’s website has closed down the Poll and the many posted comments are lost on his website, Blogger Robert Guyton had the presence of mind to C&P and re-post many of the posted comments on his blog.

These are the views that Peter Dunne does not want us to read: Robert Guyton.





Caleb Morgan

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  1. Gary
    7 May 2012 at 9:52 am

    What were the voters in Ohariu thinking in re-electing this fool?

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