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As predicted: National dropping in polls!


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As this blogger has predicted over the last couple of months, National is starting to drop in the polls. They are taking a ‘hit’ in electoral support as scandal after scandal hits various government Ministers and the public are becoming more and more aware that National has no economic plan to grow the economy and generate new jobs.

The Poll results for the latest Herald Digipoll,


National: 48.1% (- 2.8 points)

Labour: 34.8% (+ 6.8)

Greens: 9.2% (- 2.6)

NZ First:  4.9% (- 0.3)

Maori Party: 1.7% (+ 1.3)

United Future: 0.7 per cent (up from 0)

Mana: 0.1 (- 0.2)

Conservatives: 0.1% (- 1.2)

Act: 0.0% (- 1.8)


As if to underline National’s fall in the polls is confirmed by voter confidence in the way the country is being run. Voter confidence has fallen as well,

  • 49.2%  believe the Government is moving in the right direction (down from 54.4%)
  • 42.1%  believe the Government is moving in the wrong direction(up from 36.7%)

As well as confirming the  view that this government is becoming less popular with each passing day,  this blogger predicts that this government will not run it’s full course to 2014.

The Opposition parties (Labour, Greens, NZ First, and Mana) should be working over-time to present a credible broad front of a government-in-waiting. Policies for job creation, alleviation of poverty, and government-supported economic groweth  must rank as the top three policies.

Nothing else will do.

Along with those three policies, all opposition parties must maintain a strong internal discipline.

In plain terms of single syllables: for god’s sakes, don’t stuff it up!





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