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Money in the Banks…


ACT Party Utter Nutters


As if the “Tea Party” fiasco wasn’t sufficient, John Banks – leader of the “1 Percent Party” (aka ACT)  – is now embroiled in another scandal:  undeclared or wrongly-declared campaign donations,


Banks did not reveal SkyCity as big donor

Full Story


Dotcom's secret donation to Banks

Full Story


If these allegations are proven, Banks’ career as a politician has screeched to a grinding stop. He will be lucky if any subsequent police investigation does not result in a prosecution, as happened with ex-Labour MP, Phillip Taito Fields.

Should Banks be forced to vacate his seat, that would force an automatic by-election.  The chances are that the Right would probably win any such contest. Epsom is still a blue-ribbon electorate.

See: previous election results for Epsom.

In terms of Parliamentary numbers for the government, it doesn’t matter if a National or ACT candidate wins it. They maintain their one-seat majority.

What will matter is that if National wins and the ACT loses Epsom, then the Nats will no longer have an excuse to implement right wing policies such as Charter Schools. That was an ACT policy, not National.

National would be within it’s rights to dump it, should they regain Epsom.

If they don’t, it would be a fairly dramatic indication to the public that the Nats are moving to the Right, regardless of their coalition deal with ACT.

That should give pause for thought for many voters.

On a related thought, the Banks/donations scandal is yet more convincing proof (not that we really needed it) that this government is shonkey and has no hesitation in engaging in secret, back-room dealing. New Zealanders should be very cautious in continuing to support National.

Very rarely do we have an opportunity to glimpse the secret deals taking place behind closed doors. As this blogger wrote in the previous blogpieces, Doing ‘the business’ with John Key – Here’s How  and Doing ‘the business’ with John Key – Here’s How (Part # Rua),

Once upon a time, at the bottom of the world, there was a small country that prided itself on being a fair, open, and uncorrupted society.

I’m no longer sure about the last bit.

Last year, Transparency International ranked New Zealand as the #1 least corrupt nation on Earth. We ranked above Denmark (#2), Finland (#3), Sweden  (#4), Singapore (#5),  and  Norway (#6).

I’m no longer certain we deserve that top ranking, either.

The further that the Sky City/Convention Centre and Crafar farm deals are  scrutinised – the stronger the odour of something unpleasant fills our nostrils.”

As for who might be a suitable candidate to contest Epsom; considering it’s conservative, Tory nature, this could be a job for the former Member for Tauranga,


Winston Peters


The most suitable candidate would be the highest polling person from any given Opposition Party. In fact, this might be a suitable occassion to employ the US style of “Primaries“, where a candidate is selected from a group, to go up against the incumbent.

Should National or ACT lose Epsom (unlikely) this government will fall.



TV3 John Campbell: Banks knew about ‘anonymous’ Dotcom donation – reports



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  1. Theodore
    28 April 2012 at 10:55 pm

    Winston in Epsom? Your dreaming, Frank! Epsom voters are Tories, not morons. You’d have more luck getting them to vote for Dunne’s hairpiece!

  2. Akldnut
    30 April 2012 at 1:47 am

    I think Theodore might be right Frank, Mickey Mouse might be in the running again and would win the seat if he was from a tory party.

  3. SpaceMonkey
    30 April 2012 at 12:20 pm

    If we do get a by-election in Epsom (and I doubt we will) National will just field a candidate and kill off ACT once and for all.

  4. 30 April 2012 at 1:03 pm

    SpaceMonkey :

    If we do get a by-election in Epsom (and I doubt we will) National will just field a candidate and kill off ACT once and for all.

    That certainly seems to have been the concensus between Mathew Hooton and Mike Williams on Radio NZ’s political panel, this morning; http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/ninetonoon/audio/2517246/politics-with-matthew-hooton-and-mike-williams.asx

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