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Isn’t it a crying shame…?

… that National and ACT have such a poor sense of priorities,


spend limit a victory for ACT



To show the reader what I mean, let me re-write the above story,


Poverty limit a victory for ACT


ACT New Zealand, Fuseworks April 26, 2012, 2:32 pm


Today’s announcement that the Government will introduce a poverty limit into the Public Finance Act is another welcome victory for the ACT Party, ACT Leader John Banks today.

“ACT has long believed in the need for a legislated poverty  limit to keep politicians’ attention focused. It is for this reason that we pushed so hard to have it included in our Confidence and Supply Agreement with National,” Mr Banks said.

The provision in the Public Finance Act will reduce poverty to population growth and inflation, but will include decent, affordable housing, free medical care for all children,  and unemployment benefits linked to inflation and living-costs.

“If the poverty limit is exceeded, the Minister of Finance will be required to explain to Parliament the reasons for doing so.  The introduction of a poverty limit will create greater accountability and transparency in government job-creation policies and could prevent future poverty blow-outs.

“Too often politicians waste resources in pointless tax cuts, leaving nothing in reserve for when things get tough. We saw this type of spend up occur under the previous National Government.

“The poverty limit will force politicians to be more accountable and upfront about their taxation and job creation policy promises, and therefore more likely to stick to good social outcomes.

“The Minister of Finance thus far does not deserve praise for the improvements he is making to poverty levels, to strengthen State responsibility as part of New Zealand’s evolving fairness in social frameworks,” Mr Banks said.


Now that would be a media story worth reading!



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