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Time to bend over again, fellow Kiwis…

15 April 2012 1 comment


Fancy a good time, handsome? *winks*

First, it began with the Wide Boys flying in from Hollywood, to read Dear Leader the proverbial Riot Act,



John Key was firm in stating; there’d be no extra deals made with Warner Bros; no extra incentives, tax breaks, sweet-heart deals; nothing.

$34 million later, Warner Bros left town.

It was a very generous deal,” Mr Key said.

So much for “no extra deals”.

(Funny thing though. I’m no expert, but isn’t it supposed to be the other way round, if we’re going to prostitute ourselves? Aren’t they suppose to pay us?!)

The trouble with prostituting ourselves to Big Boy corporations overseas is that, eventually, we get others knocking on our doors,


China's No4 flies in as clock ticks on Crafar farm selloff  - Dominion Post - 14 April 2012

China's No4 flies in as clock ticks on Crafar farm selloff - Dominion Post - 14 April 2012


Interestingly, this article cannot be found on the Fairfax website, Stuff.Co.NZ. Almost as it… someone didn’t want our Chinese cuzzies from seeing it online?!

But yet again, we’re seeing a bunch of Wide Boys ride into town. No doubt they have a “message” for Dear Leader (our Dear Leader – not the North Korean bloke) and no doubt he’ll pay careful attention to their “suggestions”; take notes; and smile benignly at them.

After which, this blogger expects the Crafar Farm sale to go though unimpeded to the  Shanghai Pengxin company.

And after that, expect our gambling legislation to be amended by National, to allow an extra 500 pokie machines at Sky City casino. In return for the “pay off”, a convention centre.

If anyone has ever wondered what it’s like to have your own government turn our own country into one, giant, corporate brothel, where we sell ourselves to Hollywood moguls, foreign governments, casino operators, et al – then wonder no more.

Funny thing, though…

When prostitution (or more technically, solicitation) was legalised in 2002, I never though our Prime Minister would become the Pimp Minister and sell us to the highest overseas (or local) bidder.

I think “business” is going to be brisk.

I need to buy more lube.


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NZ Herald:  China wants NZ to ease the way for investment



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An Open Letter to John Key…

15 April 2012 6 comments


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Kiaora, Prime Minister,

As you probably are aware, there are 55 Maui Dolphins left in New Zealand waters – fiftyfive.

That number is down from 111 in 2004.

At this rate, there may be none left in the next few years. Perhaps they may be all extinct by 2014, the time of the next election.

Mr Key, you may wish to ask yourself one, simple question; how do you want your term as Prime Minister to be remembered in the history books? As one of New Zealand’s most popular Prime Ministers?

Or as the Prime Minister on whose watch a significant species of indiginous, aquatic  mammal became extinct? That would be quite a grim thing to be remembered for: presiding over a species’ extinction.

Other Prime Ministers have been remembered for their own achievements. Rob Muldoon – Think Big. David Lange – anti-nuclear legislation and Rogernomics ‘reforms’. Jim Bolger – the introduction of MMP. Helen Clark – New Zealand’s first elected female Prime Minister.

What will you be looking forward to, as an achievement to be remembered for?

At the moment, one word comes to mind: extinction.

Of course, you don’t have to let it happen. The Black Robin came back from the precipice of extinction with only five breeding individuals – only one of which was a female.

Maui’s dolphins has 55 individuals left. At the moment.

I hope you ponder the choice that you have Mr Prime Minister. It’s not often that a country’s leader has the fate of an entire species in his hands.

Whether Maui’s dolphins survives or perishes, is now totally up to you. That’s quite a sobering thought isn’t it: an entire species – reliant on you.

How do you want to be remembered in the history books, Mr Prime Minister?

We’re about to write that chapter soon.

– Frank Macskasy
3 April 2012
emailed: 9.48pm


And finally, a response (email is turning out to be slower than snailmail with a 1 cent stamp whacked on it!),  of sorts,


Re:    Maui’s Dolphin – An Open Letter
Date:  Sunday, 15 April, 2012 5:02 PM
From: “Megan Walls (MIN)” <>
To:   “” <>

On behalf of the Prime Minister, Rt Hon John Key, I acknowledge your email regarding Hector’s and Maui dolphins.

Please be assured your comments have been noted.

As the issue you have raised falls within the portfolio responsibilities of the Minister for Primary Industries, Hon David Carter, your email has been forwarded to his office for consideration.

Thank you for writing.


M Walls | Executive Assistant
On behalf of
B Smith | Private Secretary | Office of the Prime Minister
Private Bag 18041 | Parliament Buildings | Wellington 6160 | New Zealand


It’s interesting that my email was forwarded on to the Minister for Primary industries, rather than the Minister for the Environment or Minister for Conservation.

It shows quite clearly how National views this critical problem: as a commercial issue, and not an environmental/conservation one.

A day later, an acknowledgment from David Carter’s Secretary,


Subject:   Maui’s Dolphin – An Open Letter
Date:      Monday, 16 April, 2012 4:34 PM
From:     “Tracilee Linders” <>
To:       “” <>

Dear Frank

On behalf of the Minister for Primary Industries, Hon David Carter, thank you for your email regarding Maui dolphins.  I have placed your email with the Minister for his information so that he can note your comments.


Tracilee Linders I Private Secretary (Fisheries and Aquaculture)
Office of Hon David Carter I Minister for Primary Industries
Parliament Buildings I Wellington
Phone: +64 4 817 9359 I Mob: +64 21 819 294


Fisheries and Aquaculture“? Ummm, I hope National  are aware that dolphins aren’t fish?!?! And hopefully they know that dolphins can’t breathe water!?



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I’ll support deep sea drilling…

15 April 2012 5 comments



… when I see these three characters; down on a Bay of Plenty beach;  wearing bio-hazard suits and heavy gloves; day-after-day; in all-weather; helping to clean up the mess left by tonnes of leaked oil from the stranded  ‘Rena‘,



John Key - - - - - - - - - Phil Heatley - - - - - - - - - Phil O'Reilly


Until then, these three pro-drilling muppets can take their oil rigs and [deleted for reasons of good taste].



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