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If anyone wants to see the Working Class…

14 April 2012 5 comments


locked out talleys affco meatworkers


… rarked up, then check out this Facebook page; OFFICIAL meat workers and locked out Talley’s AFFCO active supporters forum.

This page – and others like it – shows a growing  anger and consciousness amongst workers.

Bosses at Ports of Auckland Ltd, Talleys AFFCO, Oceania Resthomes, CML, etc, may think that they have the upper hand – but they are tragically fooling themselves.

The politicisation of workers is a power-base that is just waiting for a political Party such as Mana to adopt as their own.

Interesting, isn’t it. National was elected by a middle class eager to accept the bribes of tax cuts dangled  in front of them in 2008.

What no one counted on was that National would go far beyond cutting taxes and borrowing a few billion to pay for loss of revenue. The Tories and their business mates had another agenda.  An agenda that involved neutralising unions; driving down wages; casualising the workforce; and contracting out social services to waiting corporate interests.

But what National didn’t count on was that New Zealand workers were not prepared to give up without a fight. Despite all the gutter tactics of smear campaigns; harrassing unionists; false allegations; leaked personal details; and using feral bloggers for a dirty psych-war – workers simply got more and more and more angry.

If I were a right wing strategist looking a year out into the future, I would be keeping an eye on what is becoming a classic “class war”.

I would be noticing, with a fair degree of nervousness, the deepening anger and  politicisation of ordinary workers.

And I’d be wondering if perhaps – just perhaps – the actions of the right wing and monied-interests has backfired badly on them.

Because even the middle classes, from what I’m hearing, are starting to feel threatened by all this argy-bargy.

Once the middle classes are distracted from their day-to-day irrelevancies and junk-tv, and become annoyed – then it’s game-over for the government.

The smartest thing National could do right now is to have a quiet word in the ear of certain bosses and tell them to cease-and-desist raising the ire of workers. They really should.

But they won’t. That’s the problem with the Tory born-to-rule attitude; they don’t see the masses rising up in pissed-off, righteous, anger until it’s way too late.

As for the workers – just keep doing what you’re doing and encourage your whanau and mates to join in. Because I’ll tell you this  my fellow New Zealanders; as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow and John Key will smile, they are sh*t scared of you.

You are winning.



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Date:           Apr 16, 2012 at 11:38 AM
Subject:    Wellington AFFCO solidarity

$2,289.60 was collected in Wellington over the weekend for locked out Talley’s Workers. Big thanks to everyone who helped out.




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