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NZ’s 21st Century Growth Industries – Drugs, Gambling, & Prostitution



Further to my Blogpiece – Drugs & Gambling – NZ’s 21st Century Growth Industries? – we can now add prostitution to tobacco and gambling as New Zealand’s new growth industry,


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According to the Herald story, the 15-story brothel will consist of the following,

  • The owners want to build 15-storey tower building on the site of the Palace Hotel.
  • It would be used for a mix of activities including a brothel, Penthouse Club, hotel and offices.
  • The first two levels of the black-toned glass building will be blank and layered by a LED screen mesh facing Victoria St.

Which should give “work” to a few dozen women as sex-workers? Let’s make an estimated guess;  fifty women working at this  ‘Mega Brothel’.

Plus 50 new jobs at the expanded cigarette plant in Petone.

Plus an estimated 1,000 jobs building Skycity’s convention centre.

Plus 900 estimated jobs staffing the new convention centre.


+ 50




= 2,000


Excellent! Two thousand new jobs. All we have to do is,

  • Train up 50 of our daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends to be prostitutes
  • Manufacture and  export a lethal product that kills people
  • Expand a casino so we can have more problem gamblers

Two thousand new jobs. That should go some way to creating the 170,000 new jobs that John Key promised us last year,


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I guess we can look forward  to  Dear Leader’s  promise  of  ‘ A Brighter Future “?

Though maybe not. The 2,000 jobs above are more than  cancelled out by the 2,500 state sector workers sacked through this government’s fanatical cost-cutting exercise. So no gain there.

National will have to oversee more casino expansions; more Mega Brothels built; and maybe a few dozen more cigarette manufacturers, breweries, and distilleries. We’ll have those 170,000 new jobs,quick-smart!

I wonder though –  will WINZ be sending unemployed women to apply for jobs at brothels, or risk losing their benefits?




Postscript: This blogpiece is not meant as criticism of the Prostitution Law Reform Act 2002, nor of those men and women who work in the sex industry.  This blogger is critical of an economic policy that results in few job opportunities except in ‘vices’, and which seems to be this country’s only current growth industry.


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