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Veteran Activist hospitalised during removal of state houses


The Mana Party has hit out at the destruction of a community in Glen Innes, which saw a veteran activist hospitalised, as he was protesting the removal of state houses in the area.

The elderly activist Jimmy O’Dea, was injured this afternoon and taken to hospital. Mr O’Dea’s ankle was crushed whilst blockading a removal truck a few hours ago in Glen Innes.


Jimmy O’Dea


Jimmy is a diamond of a man who put himself in harm’s way in front of the house removal truck to try and protect the state houses of low-income residents of Glen Innes” says MANA Vice President John Minto. “Contracting companies are being used as the front line of attack against a community desperately trying to save their state houses. The government is selling state houses and the land beneath them to private developers for luxury housing on the high ground on the north side of Glen Innes. State house numbers will be reduced and the residents moved into soon-to-be slums in central Glen Innes”.

Comrade Jimmy O Dea has been taken to hospital- his ankle was crushed whilst blockading a removal truck an hour ago in Glen Innes. People are mobilising to defend the community now and tonight. Get out there.

Houses under immediate threat are at 25 Silverton St and 6 Melling Streets.

There are currently Mana supporters on site and coordinating support for the community and opposition to the removals. Protests are planned throughout the night.




Reprinted with kind permission. Originally published by TangataWhenua.com.



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Housing redevelopment project

Updated at 10:09 am 3 April 2012, Radio New Zealand

A housing group in the Auckland suburb of Glenn Innes says a redevelopment project is tearing the community apart.

Housing New Zealand has begun an urban renewal programme by removing the first of dozens of vacant state houses in the area.

About 40 state houses will be removed over the next two months.

The agency is redeveloping more than 150 properties to create at least 260 new homes in northern Glen Innes.

It says the state houses have been attracting crime and anti-social behaviour and it is removing them to improve safety.

But the Tamaki Action Housing Group says Housing New Zealand is ruining lives and families are being dislocated from the community.


Listen to more on Radio NZ Morning Report




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