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Is this what Dear Leader meant…


… when he pledged to raise wages to match Australia?



After all, he did make these committments to the electorate…

“We will be unrelenting in our quest to lift our economic growth rate and raise wage rates.” – John Key, Prime Minister, 29 January 2008


"The driving goal of my Government is to build a more competitive and internationally-focused economy with less debt, more jobs and higher incomes." - John Key, Prime Minister, 21 December 2011


Or perhaps we just  mis-understood what he meant.

I leave the final words to the three articles below…


* * *



NZ Herald: Kiwi exodus to Aussie at new high

TV3 News: NBR Rich List 2011 – NZ’s wealthy doing just fine

NZ Herald: We’re doing all right, says English, despite GDP slowdown



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  1. samwise
    30 March 2012 at 11:19 am

    Funny that eh? They’re trying to screw down the wages of ordinary workers and at the same time the pay for the boys at the top are creaming it. Meanwhile that grinning lizard is telling the country how well we’re doing. They’re all a bunch of crooks and conmen as far as I’m concerned.

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