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Al Capone lives again?


"Hey, mack. Ya gots somethin' I want."


There’s a old cliche in gangster movies that goes something like this,

Hey, Luigi, I gots an offer ya cain’t refuse!”

[cue machine guns being locked & loaded]

Ya dirty rat-


It seems that our Chinese cuzzies have been watching a few too many gangster movies,




Mr Cheng Li, the “political counsellor” at the Chinese Embassy in Wellington, has threatened warned ‘suggested’ that Chinese investment in NZ may be at risk if the Shanghai Pengxin deal to buy the 16 Crafar farms is not permitted to proceed.

Someone should tell Mr Li that,

  1. We are not a canton of China nor an occupied state like Tibet,
  2. New Zealanders don’t take kindly to being “leaned on”. We didn’t like it in 1984 and ’85  when  our American cuzzies   tried to pressure the Lange Government to abandon our nuclear-free policy – and we certainly don’t like it when someone  “heavys” us to make a deal we don’t want.
  3. This does not enamour New Zealanders to welcome overseas investment in our country.

It’s interesting that the OIO (Overseas Investment Office) stated that Shanghai Pengxin is a good corporate citizen. That may  certainly be, and the owners of that company are probably  Honourable Men.

The same, unfortunately cannot be said of the Chinese Government. “Monstering” us to sell, is simply  not a good look.

Go back to spying on Tibetan activists and Falun Gong members, Mr Li.



= fs =

  1. 17 March 2012 at 5:26 pm

    And Luigi would say say to the Chinese,” You can kissa my bum!”

  2. 17 March 2012 at 5:27 pm

    And huttriver would also say to the Chinese,” You can kissa my bumtoo”

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