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Blogger’s Lament – The Ultimate Sacrifice for Freedom


Rami al-Said - Blogger, Citizen Journalist, and a gutsy bloke


Last week, a Syrian blogger and citizen journalist,  by the name of Rami al-Said paid the ultimate price; he was killed by the military forces of despotic dictator, war criminal,  and disgusting excuse for a human being,  Bashar Assad.

Rami al-Said was reporting from the Syrian city of Homs – which as most of us know by now – is being pounded to rubble by a mad dictator’s army. Rami al-Said refused to leave, and instead chose to report on the genocide that was taking place.

One of  Rami al-Said’s last posts on his Facebook page stated,

“”Baba Amro [a suburb of Homs] is being wiped out now, complete genocide, I don’t want you to tell us our hearts are with you because I know that, I want projects everywhere inside and outside I want everyone to go out in front of the embassies in al…l countries everywhere because we are soon to be nothing, there will be no more Baba Amr – I expect this is a final letter to you and we will not forgive you.””

People have an instinctive fear of harm, injury, violence, and death. It’s part of our sense of self-preservation – that intrinsic, evolutionary urge to stay alive and stay out of harm’s way.

But every so often, human beings set aside that sense of self-preservation; their anger and indignation at an injustice overcomes their most basic fears (or at least pushes it to one side); and individuals and groups refuse to run away. They stand, and by the gods, they fight back.

History is full of such deeply heroic people. Whether they be poorly armed resistance fighters in various occupied countries during Europe’s darkest days under the tyranny of  Nazism; or young Hungarian teenagers facing tanks from the Soviet Red Army in 1956; or unarmed citizens in China’s Tiananmen Square in  1989 – there is an indomitable spirit that refuses to bow down and surrender.

I don’t know what it must feel like to experience such a sense of self that confronts bombs, bullets, torture, and death. Living in a comfortable, peaceful, existence here in New Zealand, it is an utterly alien concept to me. I can’t even begin to guess at how and why such ordinary, heroic, people can set aside their fear of death to stand up to bullies who can bomb a city into dust.

But I can – and do –  feel a deep abiding respect and admiration for people like Rami al-Said, who died when he could have escaped Homs; and whose only “fault” was being there, and reporting to the outside world what crimes were being committed against ordinary men, women, and children.


Rami al-Said

1986 – 2012

Blogger & Citizen Journalist

Husband & Father

One of the good guys  –


Rest assured, Rami – one day Syria will be free. Your death – and those of your fellow Syrians – will not have been in vain.





Syria blogger reportedly killed in shelling

Syrias citizen journalists: we expect to be killed



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  1. Elsa
    29 February 2012 at 11:15 pm

    Such a young, brave, humane being trying to get the word out to help the people, Rami al-Said, you are a bloody hero and so sad we lost you. R.I.P. young man. Also the American journo (I’m sorry I’ve forgotten her name) she fought the good fight for years and had several close escapes from gun fire and bombs, she too died to bring the news/atrocities and make it all known to the world what was happening here, very sad and a very brave lady. RIP always

  2. 29 February 2012 at 11:25 pm

    This was one of my hardest pieces to write, Elsa… 😦

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