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When the future arrived…




Global warming… pollution… over-population… decaying inner cities… rising crime and mass poverty… food shortages…  collapsed fish-stocks… corrupt government and police…

It’s hard to tell whether this is a description of current human civilisation, 2012AD… or the nightmarish vision of humanity in 2022AD,



As nations scurry to gain control of arable farmland in Africa, New Zealand, and elsewhere,  we may have taken another step closer to the dystopian futureworld of  “Soylent Green“,


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Unfortunately (for us), as CO2 levels,  temperatures, and acidification rise, these will impact on the state of our oceans. What profound impact these changes will have on the oceans’  eco-systems is anyone’s guess – but it’s not looking too flash for us,



Even if global warming doesn’t kill of the fish stocks – human over-fishing, it seems, will do the job. And by the year 2050AD – when the human population is expected to rise to an estimated 9 billion – is precisely when food supplies will be desperately  needed more than ever.

Little wonder, then, that demand for farmland to grow protein for burgeoning populations is rising.

We may have sold our farms too cheaply.





  1. 20 March 2012 at 1:51 pm

    Global over fishing, pollution and violation of conservation zones are going to bring the world closer to an acute shortage of viable fisheries long before climate change does.
    There will be a just cause for navies over the next few decades enforcing conservation zones set up, as demand for fish products is such that even if the source of it – i.e. human population growth – tapered off starting today, it would be a bit like getting a train to stop in a rush.

  2. 20 March 2012 at 2:28 pm

    Indeed, Robert. More than one pundit has warned that the next conflicts will be fought over food and water resources… As the human population continues to grow, there will be more pressure on who controls what. We may find that our isolation at the bottom of the planet may no longer save us from these conflicts…

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