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Waka Valour Heartwarming!

Continued from; Waka vandalism heartbreaking! Time to pitch in and help!


In December, this story caught our attention,


Full Story


The damage to the waka was utterly senseless. How could  children be expected to understand the motivation of moronic vandals who found “joy” in such destruction?

The look of sadness on their faces was sufficient to motivate this Blog to make some quick enquiries and find out how we could help. So a few phone calls and emails later, and we had the banking account details for the group, Te Rau o te Rangi ki Otaki.

Fairfax media kindly permitted us to post a notice on their Comments Board,  linking back to this Blog…

… and the rest was up to the community.

And people responded magnificently!

Jacque – one of the organisers – said,


“My children and I are watching the comments and seeing the donations, and talking about the article on Stuff and discussing some of the comments.  I’m never one to pass up an opportunity for them to learn about life…”

Absolutely grateful for the contributions guys. My kids (four of them, aged 8, 10, 12 and 14) paddle for this club and were gutted when they found out. They have been ‘hardout’ fundraising, and training for the Nationals next month. Will post some race details up after the racing in January. Will also follow the blog Frank!!


Jacque has since contacted us, expressing her appreciation and thanks to everyone who sent donations. She wrote,


Hi Frank

I promised I would send an update.

“We took away 5 teams, under the age of 16.  They paddled hard and represented our club and our region well.  I am very proud of all of them.”



“This is a photo of our youngest team, they won silver in the National Midget Womens W6 250m sprint!!



“It is seriously humbling to see how much people want to give.  In this economic climate, with the worst ‘state’ of affairs literally in this country, and so close to Christmas?  Who would have thought. 

`”Nei ra te mihi nunui ki a koutou katoa nga kai panui o te korero ipurangi o “Frankly Speaking”, te hunga e tautoko ana ki a matou nei a Te Rau o te Rangi.  Ka nui te aroha, ka nui te koha kua tae mai nei ki a matou.  Ma te koha, ka haere tonu te kaupapa.”   [Translation: Please accept my heartfelt thanks to all, the readers of Frank’s Blog,  who supported our club Te Rau o Te RangiThank youfor your awesome generosityBecause of your kind donations, we are able to continue to help kids achieve sporting success.]


Last night, Jacque confirmed,


“”We received a total of $6145.00 in anonymous donations…

… including one contribution of $1500 from one individual.”


Jacque’s appreciation of peoples’ assistance is evident in the emails recieved by this Blog. She seems “blown away” by peoples’ willingness to help total strangers.

Indeed, this would not have been possible without the generosity of spirit from those good people who send donations to Te Rau, which permitted the children to pursue their dreams.

Anyone who doubts the positive benefits of peoples’ generosity need only compare the two images above.Their spirits are positively beaming in the lower pic, as they celebrate their silver medal.

This blog congratulates the children for their hard work and sporting achievement; the Trust who guided the young folk through their challenges;  Stuff.Co.Nz;  and, as importantly, those good folk who gave generously – and anonymously! –  to help the children achieve their dreams.

Everyone give yourselves a good, decent, pat-on-the-back!

By god, you deserve it!

Well done, folks!





2012 Waka Ama Sprint Nationals




  1. Theodore
    23 January 2012 at 11:53 pm

    Well done peeps!

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