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And now a word from the racist Right…


Something that one of my readers found on Don Brash’s “Facebook” page,



When I read that, my first reaction was; “more-of-the-same” from the racist right wing nutjobs that unfortunately live in every community, and every country (and probably every inhabited planet throughout the Universe).

My second reaction was that whoever wrote it is not very bright and is either exagerating for effect – or simply trolling for pleasure. (Racists do that – simple things for simple minds, n’all that.)

It also reminded me of John Ansell’s work for ACT, with the Iwi-Kiwi billboards and the more recent “Fed up with pandering to Maori radicals?” advert that ran in some daily metrolitan newspapers (but not others, which ethically refused to run the contentious them).

Ansell quit ACT in July when even the party hierarchy found his racist ranting too much to stomach.

That so-called “email” quoted by Brash on his FB page sounds suspiciously like Ansell’s style; over-the-top; irrational; and bitter/twisted.

The “email” doesn’t even make sense,

Yet my children cannot walk …to school without being abused for simply being white…”

Where does he live – Kabul?

“…we cannot draw the same assistance as our fellow dark-skinned citizens…”

Unfortunately, the un-named “author”  of that hate-mail doesn’t specify precisely what “assistance” he is referring to.

“…we are heckled by the roaming mobs of Maori when out and about…”

Wow! Break out the armoury! It’s World War III in some un-named part of the country!

Though one wonders why the author simply didn’t call the police to report these mythical mobs?!

“…and I just have to accept this treament in my own country …”

Ummm, really,  call the Police?

“…I’ve had an absolute gutsful, and simply cannot take this anymore. I have gained employment in Australia and will be taking my entire family there in January 2012.”

Hmmm, have fun, Mystery Emailer. There’s a Welcoming Committee for you.

The surprise is not that raving right wing wierdos exist – but that someone as supposedly intelligent, articulate,  and well-educated as Don Brash would publish such drivel on his own Facebook page. No wonder ACT couldn’t move fast enough to send this “odd fellow” packing.

Bizarre stuff.




Act ad man quits after blasting ‘apartheid’



  1. Peter Martin
    2 January 2012 at 10:05 am

    ‘No wonder ACT couldn’t move fast enough to send this “odd fellow” packing.’

    Thing is Frank, one can only wonder where he will end up in the big scheme of things. Our representative overseas somewhere?…Heading an influential inquiry? Advising the Prime Minister…


  2. 2 January 2012 at 10:18 am

    I’m thinking that we could make Brash our High Commissioner to North Korea, Peter.

    But sadly, that might constitute an Act of War.

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