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We have one year

… before John Key sells our first publicly-owned, state asset,


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In that one year, the government will be highly vulnerable to the following,

  • A growing public resentment and opposition to asset sales, putting pressure on National MPs – especially those like Nicky Wagner   (Majority: 47)  and  Nikki Kaye     (majority: 717 )    – who stand to lose their respective electorate because of narrow majorities.
  • Public pressure on Peter Dunne.
  • A defection from National’s ranks.
  • A by-election should one of National’s MPs be forced to resign for whatever reason. There were four by-elections, during the previous Parliamentary term.

John Key must be praying that every single one of his MPs remains healthy; scandal-free; and dedicated to the National Party.

It would take the loss of only one MP from National’s ranks for Key’s house-of-cards to come crashing down.



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