Dunne’s Double Talk?



As a part of coalition negotiations with John Key, quasi-National MP,  Peter Dunne, says there is no conflict between his new  role as Associate Conservation Minister and being an opponent of the use of 1080 poison. In a Radio NZ report he stated that,

[I] would like to see 1080 banned altogether but only when there are effective alternatives, for example better trapping methods.” – Source

Really? Are you quite certain of that, Mr Dunne?

Because his United Future website states a quite different position,

““UnitedFuture is generally opposed to the aerial application of 1080 unless it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that the terrain in the treatment area is such that it would be impossible to carry out a successful ground baiting operation and it is far enough from population centres to present no danger to the public,” said Mr Dunne.” – Source


UnitedFuture believes that all New Zealanders have a birthright to enjoy our unique, diverse landscape. Our strong outdoor heritage is central to what it means to be a Kiwi.

Our key policies to achieve this are

…Curtailing the application of 1080 poison and replacing it with new and more environmentally friendly forms of pest-control.” – Source


Mr Dunne seems to be having a “bob each way” on this issue, depending on who his audience happens to be.  He appears to be attempting to pander to anti-1080 opponants (many of whom appear borderline hysterical or maniacal on this issue), whilst presenting himself as “moderate” to the general public.

The reality is that there is no real alternative to 1080 that is both economic to use and easy to disperse. Without 1080, this country’s bush would be quickly over-run with possum and rats,


Possums eat a huge amount of vegetation and are also known to eat chicks and eggs.


Peter Dunne most likely understands this – but is also looking over his shoulder at votes from the anti-1080 lobby group.  A classic case of a politician attempting to send different messages to different audiences.

This works… until the media puts a spotlight on such conflicting messages.

The hunters dislike 1080 as it impacts on their game-species (and hence why the hunting fraternity are so heavily involved in the anti-1080 lobby-group).

The real issue here is our choice,



Perhaps Peter Dunne should be more concerned with our endangered wildlife, rather than scoring votes from fringe lobby groups.


Additional Reading

DoC: 1080 questions and answers




  1. Tom Sawyer
    23 December 2011 at 11:26 pm

    How stupid are the people of Ohariu for re-electing that useless bugger?

  2. Paul Doyle
    28 July 2012 at 10:34 am

    when you get better methods of pest control you wont need to ban 1080 you will just stop using it by moving on. The anti 1080 groups would serve New Zealand by pushing the development of technologies that are far more efficient in pest removal. Th e great thing about this is that it is exportable technology as there are many counteries that would like to see and reduction or endof many rodent species and other non native species that are in their country.

  3. 28 July 2012 at 7:09 pm

    Good points, Paul.

    New Zealand does very well with imaginative thinking and a simplified technological/biological answer to this problem should not be beyond us…

    And as you pointed out, if we can export a new anti-pest system, that could earn us valuable foreign revenue. Win/Win/Win as far as I can see.

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