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Of bogey men & fear mongering…



I guess it had to happen sooner, rather than later. With the fallout-cloud rapidly dissapating from the Teapot Bomb, Winston Peters has emerged like some political-version of a post-apocalyptic mutant-zombie, resurrected from the graveyard of  dead Parties.

It was perhaps the last thing that the Two Johns were counting on when they met at the Urban Cafe in Epsom, and Banksie started their convo,

“G’day, John!”

“That’s Prime Minister to you, John.”

“Oh! Good-oh, Jo- Prime Minister!”


*click, whrrrr, click*

“D’you here something, John?” asked Banksie.

*Prime ministerial sigh*

“Ackshully, no.”

“Ok. One lump or two, John?”

“One, please, John, and a new ACT leader to go with that, please,” replied the PM.

“Sure, John!”

“Thanks, John.”

“Anything for you, John!”

*click, whrrrr, click*

“Damn, John, there’s that sound, again,” said Banksie.

“Don’t be so paranoid, John. That new Police Surveillance Act hasn’t kicked in yet.”

And so it went.

Paranoia. How easy it is to stir that stinking pot of fear and prejudice, with just a hint of demonisation to add zest to the brew,


Full Story


Only a couple of days ago, there was discussion about when National would mount a full-blown attack on Winston Peters, to try to stall his ascendency, and to demolish his chances at re-entering Parliament. National’s great fear is that dis-affected National-leaning voters might see Peters as a credible alternative on Election Day.

National is already polling below 50% in several polls, and there is every likelihood that by Saturday, they will have lost an additional two or three percentage points.

That is all it takes to damage National’s chances of re-election to government – especially if ACT and United Future lose Epsom and Ohariu. And especially if the Maori Party are ‘spooked’ from supporting National again after Paula Bennet hinted last week that a new National-led government might can Whanau Ora – the Maori Party’s version of NZ First’s superannuitant’s “Gold Card”.

… 2 or 3%.

Which means that National’s focus has now been split and are attacking on two fronts; Labour and NZ First. For the Nats, their most crucial target now is Winston Peters.

John Key states,

“”What Winston Peters is saying to New Zealanders is that on every budget, on every issue, there could be a general election.

“How can New Zealand govern itself over the next three years – which is likely to be a volatile period in the world economy – when at any stage the whole government can be brought down by Winston Peters” ” Source

Which is a bizarre, given that every single government elected under MMP has run it’s full three year term. No exceptions.

The same cannot be said of FPP governments, and as recently as 1984, the then-Prime Minister, Robert Muldoon, called a snap election before National’s term of office was due to end.

In short, John Key is fear-mongering. He is playing the “Winston Card” – which is kind of ironic, as Peters himself has pandered to similar fears and prejudices in his Treaty-bashing, and Asian immigrant-bashing, speeches and policies.

Oh, Karma, you are indeed a bitch.

I guess it is up to the media to see through this latest tactic from National Party back-room strategists. Those boys in dark suits have no doubt cooked up some fairly McCarthyist stuff.

If the “Teapot Tapes” left a foul taste in our mouths – be prepared for a dose of really foul Winston-bashing.  And the irony of this is that I am no friend of NZ First, it’s leader, or their populist policies – but he does deserve a fair go.

Time for a breather, boys.

Tea’s off.

Coffee, anyone?



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