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“More exports, more real jobs” – Really?



Another of National’s public “mission statements” on their billboards promises, “More exports, more real jobs”,



However, National past policies in cutting training programmes has seen an increase in youth unemployment from 25,000 to 58,000.

National’s Grand Plan, at it’s recent Conference was simply to introduce a “bene card” and pay beneficiaries’ living costs directly.

The only problem is;

A) A “bene card” to stop 16 and 17 year olds from buying booze and tobacco is kinda pointless when it’s already illegal for retailers to sell these products to 16 and 17 year olds.

B) WINZ already has the option to pay rent, power, and phone directly for beneficiaries.

Of course, one also has to wonder if this is as good as it gets under National – a “bene card”?!

This is a far cry from National’s bold election statements in 2008,


The National Party has an economic plan that will build the foundations for a better future.

  • We will focus on lifting medium-term economic performance and managing taxpayers’ money effectively.
  • We will be unrelenting in our quest to lift our economic growth rate and raise wage rates.
  • We will cut taxes, not just in election year, but in a regular programme of ongoing tax cuts.
  • We will invest in the infrastructure this country needs for productivity growth.
  • We will be more careful with how we spend the cash in the public purse, monitoring not just the quantity but also the quality of government spending.
  • We will concentrate on equipping young New Zealanders with the education they need for a 21st century global economy.
  • We will reduce the burden of compliance and bureaucracy, and we will say goodbye to the blind ideology that locks the private sector out of too many parts of our economy.
  • And we will do all of this while improving the public services that Kiwis have a right to expect.  Source


Instead of “concentrating on equipping young New Zealanders with the education they need for a 21st century global economy“, National has cut the Training Incentive Allowance and $146 million from skills training,



Even their much vaunted cycleway has not produced the 4,000 jobs that were anticipated,




It is little wonder then, that even “Business NZ” – this country’s employer group and traditionally allied to the National Party –  has voiced serious concerns about National’s ability to lead this country and questions whether it has any long-term economic policy,


Full Story


Deloitte New Zealand’s chief executive Murray Jack stated with brutal candour,

Despite the prime minister saying this morning he has confidence in his party’s plan, a lot of people in this room are not sure there is one.”

When National’s own allies voice doubts that National has any coherent plan – then it is time to get worried. Very, very worried. Rod Oram also voices his doubts.

It is time for New Zealanders to consider: does National have plan for economic growth; increase wages; and reduce unemployment?

Or is it sitting back and replying on the “free market” to achieve it’s lofty-sounding goals and promises? Is National relying on a “roap map” – or a “wish list”?

Labour may not be perfect, but they are sounding a whole lot more cohent than their rivals.




Well, it looks like the unemployment rates are not “co-operating” with National’s stated intentions,





Wages, salaries up 2% – but inflation’s up 4.6%

Radio NZ: Rod Oram, economist & business commentator

Wellington economy flat lining



  1. Theodore
    2 November 2011 at 12:36 am

    Un-fucking-believable! Jesus, even the business lobby is starting to get pissed off at this guy.

  2. Tom Sawyer
    10 November 2011 at 2:12 pm

    More jobs my ass. My mate got laid of last week and he’s got two mouths to feed. Get lost John Key!

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