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“Building roads, rail, and fast broadband” – Really?



One of National’s election billboards makes the bold “statement of intent” of  “Building roads, rail, and fast broadband”,


A "Tui" Moment?


As with most politics though, the truth is just around the corner,


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Nowhere else in society can a group such as a business or some other organisation make statements that are an outrageous lie – and the public merely shrugs.

I wonder at people who are National Party members, or, who vote National: does this not bother you at all?

Funny isn’t it – when I point this out to a National/ACT supporter, their immediate default position is to point to Labour and say, “Yeah, and what about when Labour did — ?” As if one legitimises the other?

In which case, perhaps the cynics have a point?

We always criticise politicians for their mendacity; their tendencies to bend the truth to suit their own agendas; to ignore anything which is inconvenient to them.

And yet, in the final analysis, we the people, let them get away with it every time we re-elect them.

I wonder. Would you go back to a used-car salesman who sold you a car with a wrecked motor? Or to a super-market that sold you out-of-date food?

As always, we get the government we deserve.

We put them there.





Lies, Damned Lies, and National Party Campaign Advertising



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