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“Building better public services” – Really?



Here, yet, is another instance of the current government’s ability to say one thing – whilst doing something completely different. (Commonly referred to as telling a lie.)

This issue, though, is perhaps the most serious of all of National’s spin-doctoring.

The promise,



The reality,



Listen to more on Morning Report


Taking money from already stretched school-budgets, to “redirect” into “trade training for teenagers”, seems counter-productive and the consequences will simply be more social problems down the road.

Does this seem even remotely sensible to anyone? “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”?

But that’s ok. We got our tax-cuts in 2009 and last year.

Never mind the kids. They’ll be ok. And if they don’t get a proper education, and go off the rails… well, I guess National will just go ahead with building that new prison in Wiri.

Is it worth it, my fellow New Zealanders?





“Building better public services” – Really?

Lies, Damned Lies, and National Party Campaign Advertising

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