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Public scrutiny of our MPs?

It seems that something is making our politicians very nervous,



This is not democracy and transparency in action. More likely a response from John Key after his “throat slitting” gesture got caught on TV3’s cameras, making him look like a prize twat.

(And why ‘Bomber’ Bradbury got banned/uninvited from Radio NZ, after criticising Key’s objectionable behaviour in the Debating Chamber.)

This is yet another restriction on what the public sees in Parliament. It is yet another attempt to remove scrutiny over our elected representatives.

And ironically – National wanted to pass through a Police Video Surveillance Bill that would allow Police to secretly videotape members of the public. (That Bill was significantly amended by Labour and ACT, to remove several questionable aspects, including a retrospective aspect to the Bill.)

Does anyone else comprehend the rich irony here?

And as politicians are so fond of reminding us; if they have nothing to fear, why are they wanting to restrict televising  of proceedings?

What is the John Key-led government afraid of?

C’mon, Mr Prime Minister, we thought you luvved photo-ops?



Politics-Free Zone? “Tui” time!

State Media Bans Dissident!

National’s popularity takes a dive



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