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$13 million taxdollars down the toilet. Thankyou, Mr Key, may we have another?

This government has thrown over 2000 state workers onto the unemployment scrapheap, despite having promised in 2008 to CAP the civil service – not fire workers.

These 2000+ government workers  are ordinary New Zealanders; mums and dads; many of  whom have families to care for. Like the Van der Lems, who both lost their jobs within months of each other,

(See earlier story;A strong streak of masochism? Or a full moon?”)

This is not “capping” the state workforce –  it is deliberately throwing people out of their jobs after giving years of loyal service. It is gutting services – despite John Key promising – yet again – not to do so.

Now it is revealed that this government has wasted $13 million on a couple of hundred “consultants”??? Many of whom were “former public service chief executives and Treasury staffers contracting back to the organisation”!?


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This is ludicrous!

So much for John Key promising us in 2008,

We will be more careful with how we spend the cash in the public purse, monitoring not just the quantity but also the quality of government spending.Source

Yet again, we have another example of why National is not fit to be in government. Their idea of prudent economic “management” is a sick, pathetic joke.

Unfortunately, the joke will be on us if New Zealand voters are silly enough to re-elect these clowns.

By the way, I know of one civil servant who was made redundant in the early ’90s (again during a National Government) from the old Ministry of Works. They then found that his job was so specialised that the MoW had to rehire him as a “consultant” – at $50 an hour!!!

Thankyou, National. But wouldn’t it be quicker if I just flushed my tax dollars down the toilet myself?


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Meanwhile, the rest of us peasants have to make do with an extra 38c  an hour…


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I somehow don’t believe that this is quite what we had in mind when we voted for a John Key-led government in 2008.



Further reading

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