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DJ Key talks cats, not tax on radio show – NOT a joke!

This is why our Prime Minister is on a salary of $400,500 – so he can talk about cats.





This is a good thing, no doubt. After all, who wants to talk about the state of the economy; high unemployment; lack of jobs; the impending second international economic melt-down; asset sales; sale of farmland to overseas investors; etc?

Them is boring stuff, fellas. Here in Nyu Zild, we is kat luvers.



Question to those 50% of New Zealand voters who think that John Key actually knows what the heck he is doing: why?!

I do not get it.

The man has his hands of the economic tiller; we are drifting without any substantial job-creation policies; he plans to sell half our electricity companies to Americans, Chinese, and god-knows-who-else – and some of my fellow Kiwis still want to vote for him???

As John McEnroe once exclaimed to his world-wide audience; “You cannot be serious!!!

That’s all, peeps. Back to your rugby, or penguins, or whatever…



  1. Last Chance
    2 October 2011 at 10:20 pm

    The lack of common sense will come back to bite the voters in the nether region, but too late to change this appalling legacy we will leave to our future generation.
    Selling part of our energy sources is a crime, no ifs, not buts.
    Fifty per cent will be sold to off shore interest, and gradually be gobbled up as NZ residents take the quick profit.
    As a country we are already losing many billions offshore.
    This is money which should mainly have remained here as investment in the advancement of inovative industry,science, infustructure and agriculture.

    I am very sad with the way our once lovely country is being decimated.The Manawatu river is a good example.
    It is putrid.

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