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Good onya, Sue!

15 September 2011 1 comment

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Sue Bradford will be standing against  Paula Bennett for the Waitakere seat, representing the new Mana Party.

Sue’s decision to stand against Paula Bennett is highly symbolic. Bennett makes noises about having lived as a solo-mum, on the DPB, and “making something of her life”.

What Bennett leaves out of her glowing self-appraisal is that she benefitted from the Training Incentive Allowance, which paid for her University tuition.  Soon after having been elected into Parliament and being appointed to Cabinet as Minister of Social Development and Employment (as well as  Minister for Disability Issues and Minister of Youth Affairs),  Ms Bennet scrapped the TIA in 2009.

The same allowance she used to “better” herself would be denied to other solo-parents.

Enter Sue Bradford, who  has not forgotten her working-class roots.


Sue Bradford


Rightwingers and religious fundamentalists hate Sue Bradford because she keeps firm to her principles and core values. She is not one who will be swayed – including those who would level death threats against her. When extremist, right wing lunatics issue such threats, it is a clear indication of her effectiveness as a champion for the working classes.  It means that they have no other argument to use against her.

Whether I agree with all her politics or not, she is probably one of the most courageous and principled political figures I’ve known in my life.

This Blog encourages and supports her campaign to be re-elected to Parliament.




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