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Child Beauty Pageants? Now Infant ‘Hookers’?

Definition of a good parent (pick three):

A. [ ] Love

B. [ ] Setting boundaries

C. [ ] Showing respect

D. [ ] Dressing  your toddler in skimpy clothes, as a prostitute, and parading her on stage, to the tune of  “Pretty Woman”


The last option relates to this story, in the Herald, yesterday,


Full Story


Firstly, let me make it quite clear: I do not condone sending death threats. That is a big No-No, and defeats the purpose of what one is trying to accomplish.

Secondly, in my previous pieces, I wondered where the hell Western society was heading with these so-called “Child Beauty Pageants”.

Hey, People! Leave our kids alone!

Sign of a Sick Society?

These  events seemed to be getting more sexualised with each passing year. With the inevitable commercialisation of these “pageants”, there is greater pressure on participating parents to present their children in more graphic and outrageous ways.  To me, this is legally-acceptable; socially-sanctioned; quasi-paedophilia. It sez more about the mind-set of parent(s) of these children then we could imagine.

I absolutely reject the claim by “pageant” participants, supporters, and apologists, that these events are simply “harmless fun”. I also reject the claims by people such as one child model’s mother who claimed that,

“If you see sex  when you look at my six year old child, that’s not her fault. It’s a sign  of somebody being sick in the mind’”


Just because parents dress their daughters in sexually-provacative, adult-style clothing, and then make them do a “bump’n’grind” routine on a public stage – that makes it everyone elses’ fault when they are repulsed by the objectification of their own child?

I don’t think so.

The reaction of nausea and revulsion at these “pageants” is a normal reaction of people who understand that there should be a clear demarcation between children and child’s play and adult activities involving adult themes.

This is as far removed from children playing “dress up” as a medical  X-Ray machine is from an atomic bomb. Both produce x-rays, but you wouldn’t detonate a A Bomb in your city.

It is disturbing to learn that “Universal Royalty” is planning to bring these repugnant events to our country. As if New Zealand hasn’t imported enough negative aspects of American culture already?

The objectification as women as sexual objects permeates almost every aspect of Western society, whether it be magazines, television, movies, advertising, music videos, etc. It appears that some in Western society are pushing the boundaries even further, bringing younger and younger girls into commercialised, quasi-sexualised activities. It seems that our If-it’s-not-illegal-then-do-it attitude is impacting on children as young as two or three.

What next? Strip-tease? Semi-nudity? I give it a couple of years before the boundary is pushed to that limit and beyond.

And the incredibly disturbing aspect of all this is that it is not the stereotypical paedophiles – men in trench coats – that are the perpetrators here. It is parents.

I believe we need to understand a simple fact; parents do not always make the right choices for their children. The high level of child neglect, abuse, violence, and killings makes that abundantly clear. Whilst 99% of parents would not have a bar with these odious “pageants”, it is the remaining 1%, and their apologists, that must concern a community.

Unfortunately, there are most likely some adults – parents – who do not understand the nature nor ramifications of this activity and would see nothing wrong in putting their children into such an environment. Just as there are other parents who see nothing wrong in smoking in the presence of their children. Or giving sugary fizzy-drinks to toddlers. Or…

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes, that village has to step up to the mark and tell a parent that their ideas or behaviour is unacceptable.

“Child beauty pageants” are unacceptable. They are organised by adults;  for the gratification of adults; and controlled by adults. The child participants are on stage  for display only.

That is objectification.

I hope people take time,  a few minutes from their busy schedules, to email Annette Hill ( annette@universalroyalty.com  )   to politely request that she stay away. We simply don’t need further Americanisation of our culture. We don’t need our children to grow up any faster than they already do. And we don’t need them to become sexualised objects.

This is not normal for our kids.





4-year-old girl has padded breasts as Dolly Parton tribute

Annette Hill (Universal Royalty) is interviewed by Mark Sainsbury

Their email address:  annette@universalroyalty.com

Beauty pageant baloney

Facebook Page: Pull the Pin NZ

Pull The Pin on Beauty Pageants for Children in New Zealand Petition



  1. Deborah Kean
    12 September 2011 at 5:28 pm

    My giddy aunt, we really do not need that here! That child looks like a little puppet, and it doesn’t matter whether she ‘loves’ it – she has been taught to, hasn’t she?

    • 12 September 2011 at 7:47 pm

      You’re right, Debbie. I would add that there are probably lots of things that children might enjoy doing; watching age-inappropriate movies; eating/drinking too much sugary or fatty foodstuffs; staying up till all hours of the night…

      But responsible parents set boundaries and expect their children to observe those limitations. Because responsible parents are aware that young children don’t always understand what is/isn’t good for them. I think raunchy-dancing on a public stage; in adult-style, skimpy costumes; in a sexualised setting would be as undesirable as other things we try to limit or restrict in our children.

      I wonder if any child from a “beauty pageant” has ever grown up; looked back on these activities; and recoiled in horror? Or (being America), sued their parent(s) for negligence.

      Must consult The Oracle (Google).

  2. Red
    12 September 2011 at 10:24 pm

    If it was just children and their parents, I could understand. But the way it’s been commercialised and mass-marketed for thye public leaves me with a feeling of disgust. It’s exploitation, really, and nothing else.

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