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Dicing with disaster?

31 August 2011 4 comments

National today announced new rules and regulations regarding oil and gas exploration in our coastal waters…

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Hekia Parata, Acting Minister of Energy and Resources

And yet, it was only last year that the worst oil spill in history occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, threatening marine and coastal wildlife; local fishing industries; jobs; tourism; and costing billions in lost productivity and clean-up…

As a reminder what went down in the Gulf of Mexico, let’s not forget that there is no reason whatsoever that the same could not happen here, in our country…

BP Oil Spill Live Coverage Showcased by Google Earth

Further economic, environmental, commercial, and human consequences of the oil spill.

If an oil spill of similar magnitude and severity hit our coast, we would not have the same resources to effect a clean-up, as our American cuzzies did. And somehow, this just doesn’t sound right,

I hope to god that the powers-that-be know what they’re doing. The consequences of a disaster could make the Christchurch earthquakes look like an entree.